Transfers of US stocks – Dow Jones's technology targets and stocks have built over 590 points to clear the 2018 benefits.


The US stock market fell on Tuesday, and the Dow Jones fell by over 590 points. It's been going to decline this year. The price of the target, drive sector fell down on sale stocks, and technology stock was less than a problem; lower again.

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Standard Grade Dow Jones dropped 479.39 points or 1.91% to 24538.05.

Nasdaq's index dropped 96.17 points or 1.32% to 6932.30.

Contents S & P 500 fell 41.47 points or 1.55% to 2649.26.

A Smallhold Target set out a profit shortfall less than the third quarter weak, and its shared price ranged by 9.5%. The sale of a company store was also weak than expected.

Researchers say that investors are worried about being able to do so. economic dragging, maybe they're wrong, but at this time, they're managing to & # 39; market.

The stock of FAANG – including Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet – a & # 39; falling longer and falling into a market; watt. Amazon, Apple and Netflix fell at least 1.7%. The alphabet fell 0.7%. These stocks have fallen from the 52-week height and the value of a & # 39; market has fallen by over $ 1 trillion.

On Monday, every FAANG stock closed at least 20% from one-year high, driving down a broad index. market. S & P 500 and Nasdaq fell 1.7% and 3%, respectively. Dow Jones fell 1.6%.

Analysts said technological stocks could have a potential weakening of the global economy in the short term, and the FAANG's pressures will be more and more, dragging down their stock market.

Due to concerns about the iPhone sale, Apple's share price, and # 39; driving lower FAANG stock. Goldman Sachs dropped Apple's stock price on his or her month and said that the iPhone XR's special features are not really good.

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