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Transformers "Bumblebee" were on the first day of the # 39; easy to access office & # 39; 100 million active drama fist into the iron brist

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The first "Bumblebee" independent film of the "Transformers" series was made jointly by Paramount Pictures and Tencent Pictures of the United States ashore officially in large plays in land -for China yesterday. The first day of the 100 million film box office broke out, not just in the office. box all the time up, the score of the movie on the top movie movies can also be maintained, the office reputation of its box is both red. At the same time, the film released today's "open war" poster and a distinctive word-mouth, the superbiological bumblebee is inaccurate, incapable.

As the most popular and most popular film in the year 2019, "Bumblebee" achieved 73% market box office division with 50% of the movie, easily broken through 100 million marks, and was far ahead to other films in the same period; At this stage, the movie's scores get 9.1 points and 8.9 points in a look; cats and Taobao tickets. The audience praised proposals on a social platform, saying they are "not living up to expectations, not to be lost", and even have not Fewer people said they would go to the second Bruce. By obtaining such a consequence, the "Bumblebee" is strongly determined by its & # 39; market and audience.

In the special edition of today's current livelihoods, reporters from the main media and high "powder" also have designated high marks for the Tencent filmmaker 耿 "Bumblebee "County Sir is the restart of the movie series," Global Film screen reporter praised the "Transformers that change temperature"; Transformers fans in & # 39; harbor believes that there are 9.5 points in film, "the most perfect shape in history, laughter and tears!"

In addition, the film also featured a "war opening" version of the poster, two enemy bumblebee, and a Decepticons camp and a bomber reflection impacted on life and death, and in the movie, the blood between them The struggle can be a huge factor. The "Transformers" series has always been known for its fascinating scenes. The Hornet follows these elements in this regard. The film's stunned coach, Mike Ganser, has been on the # 39; playing stunts and battles for Transformers. With the design of the scene, he also gave the same cool feel to the "Bumblebee". It is worth saying that the series has a power, like the lens of action in the movie, but it is also short, powerful, clear and smooth, and a very good style of fighting. The listeners gave a compliment after watching the movie, and they were very enjoyable. "Actions and effects to iron, spinning and splitting, very beautiful!" "The action drama is the elements of martial arts, shovels, green throats, slipperies and so on! Looking at the two giants and one-to- one, it's really new! " expecting such creative and advanced problems to provide an audience with a visual insight.

In addition to the play, the difference of the great bumblebee behind super-fighting power has become a much more powerful device. Many fans have used at the hornet after going to & # 39; hit the screen. "The big bee Cosmetic is very painful, the battle method can be cool in the second one. Who does not want such big bumblebees?" The hornet, which is violent at the time of & # 39; war, a & n; Sale on a weekly day, and its transformational image, became the high profile of New Year.

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