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M in love. Marta (Dominika Ostałowska), Magda (Anna Mucha)
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M in love. Marta (Dominika Ostałowska), Magda (Anna Mucha)

If Magda (Anna Mucha) dies in "M jak miłość", not only will £ ukasz (Jakub Józefowicz), but also his mother Marta (Dominika Ostałowska) guilty of his death. How is this possible? What did Mrs Andrzej Budzyński (Krystian Wieczorek) need to do with the Magda case? Will he get rid of his competition in a cramped way? Nothing of these things! Unfortunately, in 1437 "M jak milking" program, Mart's would bring Magician's life to save Luke from prison. See the details in our VIDEO.

Settlement of "Mjak miłość"

The drama plays Magda in Mjak miłość because of irresponsible behavior Łukasz, which secretly sells drugs to his relatives, but hide the evaluation in the Budzyński room!

One unfortunate coincidence caused that Andy broke one of the scattered cockles in the box with medicines for the heart of his sweetheart. Magda uses drugs in its 1435 account “M jak miłość”. One thing that will happen in the future is one huge movie. He will lose sensation, stop breathing, and his heart will put her body up for a minute.

QUIZ: On a journey through the Polish series. How do you look carefully?

The struggle for Magda's life will last for several days. In 1437 the program "M jak miłość" will be completely broken when he learns that Magda has gone to hospital with him. He goes out for a few nights, starts drinking, decides to shelter in the bar and get it in bigger trouble. It will be difficult to get back in later life.

Wojciechowski will not be able to deal with the reason that Magda, who swallowed drugs other than drugs, can die. In 1437 'M jak miłość' program, a boy will have broken a drink and finally acknowledges that Martha is the culprit of this situation. But it will be lying on his mother, he won't tell her that he is still a drug addict and that drugs have fallen out when he is packing goods for a new customer.

Some of the things I had left in my bathroom… I wanted to get rid of it, but Magda had to drop it out and unfortunately Magda had to tell it. Andrzej – drag the mother directly in the face.

– £ ukasz definitely fears the victory, but on the other hand is highly praised. He fears for Magda's life, he wants to include everything, for everything is worrying him anymore! Unfortunately the world will not be the same again … – Jakub Józefowicz in "Cultures of the TV series M jak miłość".

What does Marta do in this situation? Surely it shouldn't. He doesn't tell Andrzej that Magda took Luke's drugs. He will not prove his son and tell his doctors exactly what she did, so that he could easily save them. In 1437 programs "M jak milking", Marta stops £ ukasz making a pest for fear that his son will be imprisoned.

In this religious way, Magda dies? However, he will not take his revenge now, but because of her own child. This can only be protected in the 1437 program "M jak miłość". – Łukasz, Andrzej will not forgive you for that … – He persuades his son.

Martha and the last Łukasz keep the facts about the situations in which Magda made drugs. Unfortunately, the dark hide that connects them may cost Mary's life.

It's not good to be a judge in your case. People close to evidence have the right to refuse. They are not obliged to move the lovers, so in this scheme Martha is established – she defended the heroine Dominika Ostałowska in "Kulisian serialization M jak miłość".

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