TRANSLATION Wanda ICARDI again ZABLESTELA! His wife, Captain Interja HOT, killed …! (picture, video)


Maurice Icardi has a lot of trouble.

In fact, not only is it a messenger on its service; in Capten Inter, but we have been focusing on his hot, overwhelming woman, Wanda, who has once again built the web on the web.

She did not do this for her first time, she often got herself for her & her; The first time she feared Mauer while she was married with her; Maxi Lopez company.

Today, Wanda warned her of a new set of positive photographs. These have been created for a brand enterprise.

She has published a number of pictures (and videos), indeed, rightly razgaljenih, where she was sadly depressed but beautiful.

It is not clear that it is not clear, but these pictures seem to have already been used by their beautiful women in the public.

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