Translation works with a strong struggle after the Brexit agreement with the European Union


Brexit and the oil were monopolized by spotlights in the last week in the financial markets, threatening to revive again in the new week.

Brexit and the oil were monopolized by spotlights in the last week in the financial markets, threatening to revive again in the new week. In just ten days oil has recorded three sessions with falling down by almost 6% or higher. It became worse by the 8% edge in the West Texas type barrel, a description in the US.

When it fell, Brent lost $ 60 for the first time in more than a year. The recent increase in supply and fear of economic reduction was beyond the OPEC debate regarding the reduction in supply.

Today, with less than two weeks before the OPEC visit which may allow the production cut to be approved, the Brent barrel will rise to 2% to find out more than 60 dollars, West Texas is a finishing $ 51.

In order to respond to raw oil prices the agreement set at the weekend on Brexit will be added to the European meeting. The compromise is avoided, at least for the time, the worst situation that has been shown, which is in Brexit without a European level agreement. But the enjoyment now needs to bring reassurance, perhaps, more complex, in relation to the British Parliament.

By refusing the current agreement of his & # 39; The Labor Party and the tricks inside the Theresa May party, as was clear to the recent recent bids in the Government, Consider the agreement of the agreement. Its impact will be & # 39; go further, and even even threaten the continuity of the government of May.

The agreement of a European Parliament meeting is to agree to its. Started to & # 39; lower price for the price of the not. British money is trading at US $ 1.28, just above the recently recorded US $ 1,272 rates, scheduled on November 15. The euro also accrues the European agreement on Brexit for a & # 39; airs and at least $ 1.13.

Today European stock swings are getting more difficult results from money and oil markets, such as applications from opportunities, to be developed in the future of Asia and Wall Street. The main European criteria that begin the week with strong, stronger reinforcement in the Italian MIB, are reduced by the reduction in danger of Italy's risk with government proposals for decay change to tired by a & # 39; Brussels was harassed.

On London Stock Exchange, advances of almost 1% increase FTSE Britain closer to the 7,000 points. British banks such as Barclays and General Charter were standing up in the London Stock Exchange increases once; ask the agreement, in Europe, on the Arbitration.

At the Milan Stock Exchange, the increase in Italian banks was almost 3% in the heat of the Government's views on seabirds in the deficit to override the tension with Brussels.

Other references such as Ibex of Spain, Dax of Germany and France's CAC are up to 1%.

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