TransLink is preparing for bad weather


TransLink is preparing for a bit of bad weather going on Friday night to Saturday.

Environment Environment has taken a warning warning message to take a Friday afternoon, with wet water mixed with water during the night and Saturday for the Vancouver Metro and North Shore.

The rumb will increase by recent sunny turfs and cooler temperatures affecting wet materials – but the weather reporter says that it is not possible; expects a large snow gathering – as temperatures rise above and under the frozen signal.

But TransLink does not accept any opportunity and he says in a statement that he asks additional staff to be able to; salting and sandy sandage to keep riders in & # 39; move.

It also undertakes a number of other measures, including:

  • Using specific trucks to solve solution on wiring wires.
  • Bronze gear installation on some trolley buses for cutting through ice on foot wires
  • Urban coordination of snow cleansing if impact on priority routes.

If things were made more difficult, he says, fire socks will be added to the lattice network that serves Ben a & # 39; Bràabha and North Shore where dragging on ice hills can be a matter.

Trankslink also aims to:

  • Rach special SkyTrain that sprays de-icer on the power line.
  • Go overnight trains to keep paths clear if the snow starts to collect.
  • Put out HandyDART with two staff of each vehicle, to ensure that customers get safely to the door and help them to dig bus if needed.

Riders are being asked to be patient because occasional delays are expected.

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