Transport: 8 projects for increased traffic safety level of 773 million compensation agencies


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Transport: 8 projects for increased traffic safety level of 773 million compensation agencies

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The Ministry of Transport has begun to & # 39; Implementing 8 projects for traffic safety at a total cost of 773 million contracts to improve and improve the safety of its road network of more than 68,000 kilometers, as part of its contribution to the road safety campaign and its # 39; reducing the death of traffic disasters in line with the aims of the United Kingdom 2030, to make roads safer and safer.
The Ministry said that these projects come within 23 projects that the Ministry intends to implement in the three years at a cost of about 2.2 billion wedding, shows that the implementation of these projects will reduce the number of deaths due to traffic collisions on the ministry's road network, as well as to # 39; Provision of 4.4 billion SR per year of the number of losses of accidents.
Continuing projects include the Engineering Cooperation Services Agreement to build road traffic safety levels, three traffic safety equipment projects, three warning warning projects and the National Road Safety Center (NRC) project, which has been signed.
It is worth mentioning the results of the draft agreement of engineering and consultancy services, which began the Ministry of operation in the end of 2017 and lasted three years, will be published on Ministry roads, essential sites and traffic shift, identification black bullets, follow on safety campaigns, Traffic safety, and analyze information about the event, updated with the guidance and designations of the Department of General Safety of the Ministry of Transport.
These include to & # 39; fencing or high-wire wire on the roads, equipped with safety elements from gateways, animal seals, reflective signs and signs on animal travel areas, as well as a project to protect road routes on some roads and to Develop fun and connect links to the roads in the United Kingdom. Project to provide dangerous boundaries and areas with cycling protection lights and barriers.

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