Transport is a & # 39; expects to comply with 8 laws, 1 Politics mission


It is also expected to vote on the National Assembly on 8 bills, including: Changes (Amendment); Culture; Animals; Vietnam Coast Guard; Law changes and contributes to some of the Law articles on Higher Education; Law varies and contributes to planning laws on planning; The Law on Corruption Prevention and Decision (amended); Police Law Persons (amended).

The sixth session resolution, the National Assembly for XIV (including the extension to the implementation of Resolution No. 30/2016 / QH14 on the implementation of an electronic police bill for foreigners and # 39 ; coming into Vietnam) should be agreed by the legislation.

Among the laws intended to be provided at this time, there are two issues in the Law on Serious Crime (Amendment). One is about property control groups, two income and asset management, an absolute accountability of income sources unreasonable. In the first one, there were 330/456 delegates (NE), and & # 39; accounting for 72.36% of respondents (68.04% of the total) agree with the plan given to the Superintendent To control the assets and income of those who are holding positions from the departmental director or equivalent or superior, to work in services, ministerial level agencies, government-related agencies, local administrations and State initiatives.

83/456 of NE comments, accounting for 18.24% of the comments (including 17.11% of the total number NE) agree to option 2. Therefore, control assets to the Inspectorate of Government, the income of the person who holds them from the departmental director and equal or more equal work of each group and group at intermediate and local levels; a minister of inspector, the divisional inspectors, the organization-led unit and the staff of his / her staff; group, body or unit where there is no inspection group of property management and the income of the remaining subjects.

There are also other suggestions for keeping what is set out in the current Law on Corruption Prevention; Recommendation that an independent group of the National Assembly or the Judgment Committee establish. No 11 NE (which represents 2.27% of the total number NE) is a & # 39; giving his opinion.

The second content in relation to asset handling, increased income to unreasonable definition, has ideas of 209/456 at NE, and # 39; 45.93% of the comments (43.09% of total comments) NE) the plan for review and situation in court. Therefore, asset management and higher income with the person responsible must recommend an unreasonable explanation of the proposed recommendation by the building and the court income control group for consideration and co- closed. The amount of income and additional income from the person who has requested an unreasonable definition of the source will be returned to the State.

There are 156/456 comments, and 34.21% of the comments (32.16% of the total number NE) agree with the personal income tax scheme. So, if they decide the asset and higher income of people who are obliged to make inappropriate explanations about their origin and that there are no potential agencies; confirm their property and income as a result of legal breach. In the case where a & # 39; asset control group or income generating group to & # 39; transferring to a relevant tax office, requesting the personal income tax to be paid on the # 39; part of the property and the enhanced income with the person responsible for making an effort. It started unreasonable in accordance with the tax law.


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