Transport to bring to life in the new 3-year package the Angel taxes: Rahul Gandhi were to be canceled


New Delhi: Highlighting its economic agenda, the President of Transport, Rahul Gandhi said on Thursday, if he voted to empower the party to cut businesses' tape, he would take new initiatives from first license. T three years, it would be easier to get bank loans and remove suspicion in the angel's debts start-up businesses.

In a special interview to PTI a fortnight ahead of the first stage of polls Lok Sabba, which begins on 11 April, Gandhi said the government focus will be on job creation and entrepreneurs will be inspired by fiscal based tax on ability to create jobs.

These will form part of Congress' party election manifesto which will be published next month.

“For the first three years of setting up a new business we are going to be getting rid of red tape. You don't need to ask for anything, ”said Gandhi. “Don't worry about anything, you don't have permission at all. Start your business, come to work. ”

Prime Minister Narendra is often accused of growing unemployed in the economy and Gandhi's emphasis on cutting red tape and removing bureaucratic barriers for business start-up are aimed at young people looking for initiatives. T to create new jobs as well as create jobs.

“We have said that we will take away the angel and malnutrition. I have made that commitment and it will be done, ”said Gandhi.

Since 2012, new businesses have been added to what is known as angel tax on the prices achieved over their fair market value.

As a new unit introduced in the Income Tax Act in 2012, if a nearby company distributes shares at a higher price than its fair market value, the excess will be increased. paid at 30 per cent as income from other sources. However, sometime last year, the Income Tax sector began sending out messages to various money payments from an angel. This has since been issued as an angel fee.

Last month, the government taxed the angel taxes by providing the total exemption for capital of capital up to Rs 25 that was registered by beginners from DIPP from any sources. Extra money will be paid in addition to the capital.

Gandhi said that this “powerful idea” came after he held discussions with several entrepreneurs, when they emphasized the biggest difficulty of obtaining different permissions from different organizations before they started their discussions. Their campaigns.

Entrepreneurs said different groups are asking lots of questions and insects, and so “we said, we believe in you; we hope we will, and so for the first three years of setting up a new business, we are going to find out the red tape ”.

The conference president said another view that had emerged through discussions with entrepreneurs was the opening up of the banking system for young people to business and giving them a chance.

Why should Nirav Modi be given thousands of hips? How many jobs did he create in India? Why can't a youngster wishing to start a business, who wants to give 2000 jobs to the India, borrow a bank, ”he asked.

“New entrepreneurs will be given strong inspiration and tax credits based on how many jobs they create,” said the conference leader.

Gandhi said the party is putting together manifesto after a number of stakeholder visits and presenting their proposals in the party's manifesto, which includes many things to do business, farming, generating. encourage employment etc. t

The party, the sources that have been said, will distribute its manifesto next week.

P. Chidambaram's former finance minister is in charge of the party's manifesto committee that finally affects the manifesto. The panel has held a number of tours in at least 150 locations across the country in the last few months of the previous waves.

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