Traveling on Russian television "unknowingly" the next generation Su-57 airplane?


So far, the Su-57 is the only five generation planes in Russia, with 13 built. In 2016, the Russian Aircraft Unified Company (UAC) published that the first test aircraft will be in the sixth generation by 2025.

Blog Blog Defines to create strange airplane in the & # 39; video of the Zvezda TV channel. Picture: screenshot

The Security Blog revealed Zvezda's unexpected details, which outlined the Su-57 engine tests. It is a series of Russian airplane in a & # 39; A major lullaby, including Mig-1.44, Su-47, Su-57 and an unidentified plane, which could be the sixth generation aircraft. in the future of Russia. The military blog site also says that the strange plane model that appeared in the show was "# 39; falling out of the road.

The blog also stressed that the plane was the same as the Mig-37 "Farain" design, the fifth generation of the Soviet population and has never been built. In the opinion, plane design is a wonderful thing, created to persuade the US government to be able to; Investing in making your own new plane. In fact, this model is only a model of a toy for collectors.

Blog Protecting recognizes that the "accidental" accident could be just a "joke" without a business or part of a Russian "jamming" weapon. The Russian Defense Ministry has not described the results of a Safeguarding Blog.


The leader of UAC's military aircraft program Vladimir Mikhailov, in 2016, said that a sixteenth-century Russian supersonic plane will be launched by 2025. The sixth generation of the fast plane is expected to reach. Mach 5 to Mach 6, although there is no correct information regarding this generational tool.

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