Trenčín did not throw the target


Trenčania, with no other support from the basic set, was lost in five points by Banská Bystrica.

November 21, 2018 at 8:20 AM TASR

HC00 iClinic Banská Bystrica – Dukla Trenčín 5: 0 (1: 0, 3: 0, 1: 0)

The home team was happy to win the first third after an amazing 18-minute goal. For the shooter, the Sellecka referees, who decided to visit an empty visit through the long battles, decided Higgs's visit behind the visit. On the other hand, a number of hunting and hunting attempts were born, the largest was burned in 18 minutes after finishing when Valentek was completely alone by Valenta. Trencin attacked him, and in the 8th minute the long fire of Williams, the head of Luža.

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At home, they played half of the gas, but it was enough for them to develop other opportunities. One of the most frequently used contexts used to use Lichanec after 14 minutes after repetition and collaboration with Lucky, when he did not play the puck in a very good situation. In a third part of the mind, there was little to start with, the most Zigo attentive after the German goals from the blue in the 28 minutes. 35 minutes into the game, the fortunate man lost the chance, but Valentine's backdrop was on his lap, but he still had to put a kick.

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The third home visit dropped 36 minutes and Gabor was completely empty. 17 seconds later, the puck removed to the Higgs network and its destination; Valenta ran from the goal. The other goals could have fallen, 10 seconds before the siren disappeared and the skipper was a funeral home at Cruel. In the third third after a few fingers, Asselin shot another chance, Selleck continued in the 48 minutes, and Higgs followed the lead, after 54 minutes Sýkora.

But the placekeeper, Šimko, however, was taken out in the minute 55 minutes after; Šťastný's move and goal, which alerted Trenčanov lost hard.
aims: 18. Selleck (Higgs, Asselin), 28. Zigo (Nemcik, Kubka), 36. Gabor (Higgs, Marshall), 36. Higgs, 55. Happy (Varga). M. Novák, T. Orolin – Šoltés, Šefčík, 4: 3, 0-0, call 0: 0, changes: 36. Šimko za Valenta, 29. Varga for Lichanka wounded, 2344 spectators.

HC # 05 iClinic B. Bystrica: Williams – Marshall, Miller, Kubka, Datelinka, Sloboda, Mihalik, Nemcik – Asselin, Higgs, Selleck – Gabor, Cešík, Kabáč – Sýkora, Faille, Zuro – R. Varga

Dukla Trenčín: Valent (36. Šimko) – Rýgl, Krejčí, Bohunický, Luža, Pač, Kovář – T. Varga, Dlouhý, Mikula – Radivojevič, Oljecký, Sojčík – Bartovič, Sadecký, Luhový – D. Hudec, Švec, Pardavý

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