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Scientists have always been uncertain, because the hottest desert to frozen polar areas has continued to appear in more remote Earth environments. Scientists can't help but think: Because life is so fragile, can other environments have them? In order to test whether insects can live in a harsh or Marshal environment, the International Space Station conducted an 18-month microbial subtest test. Some species have live.

A new atlas reports that the project, called BIOMEX, is a collection of hundreds of the Earth's microbial samples including bacteria, archaea, moss, lichens, fungi and algae. Set in the Russian Red Star (Zvezda) experimental model, some samples are put into the soil and the thin air that mimic Mars, and the whole model is suspended outside the space station to see if they can t live in a similar environment to Martian. .

The test started in October 2014 and lasted for 533 days. These micro-organisms were vulnerable to the conditions of a real sky, passing through rushes, variable temperatures and ultraivlet intensive radiation. The module returned to Earth in June 2016 and submitted it to the laboratory for analysis.

At least some members of both genres are likely to live and feel that some simple structure and obstacle can make the best case, and even the size of the surface. T for complex, complex organisms such as fungi and lichens are very difficult, but they are still alive. Scientists have proved that microwaves expand in place rather than return to Earth.

Team scientist Jean-Pierre Paul de Vera said: "Some biology and bio-moles show an intense resistance to radiation anywhere, supporting the end of the experiment to survive, from A place returning to Earth.

This test is again confirming that life is stronger than we expect. At the same time, because it can live in an environment like Mars, the same thing can happen on Mars, so Mars might not be as tough as you'd imagine, & # 39 there may be microbes. Breeded beneath Mars or in a pond pond.

However, Devilla reminds us that this does not mean that creatures have to be in Mars, but we only tell us that their biological fitness is very strong, whether they are boring. The bacteria and bacteria will be on Mars. The US Air Pollution and Aircraft Management (RAF) group will launch a new Mars test in 2020 to continue examining the mystery of Mars's life.

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