Trillill Player Billboard Test: PM Peter Phan Van Vinh was offered 7,5,5 years in prison


On the morning of November 21, listening to the trillion games line in Phu Tho, a representative from the provincial population – Provincial Phu Tho Office was on the spot; It is right to make a complaint at the tribunal advocating the sentence to Prime Minister Phan Van Vinh and the defendants. Other.

A Protector

Recommended level

Phan Van Vinh

7-7.5 years imprisonment Stopping up long-term posts & # 39; they are on duty

Nguyen Thanh Hoa

Employment campaign began on the afternoon of November 21.

Nguyen Van Duong

11-13 years imprisonment on each case Gambling organization and Silver network

Critical steps: stored over 1.65 trillion, continuing to & # 39; holds over 86 billion.

Phan Sao Nam

6-7 years on each case Gambling organization and Silver network

Judicial Measures: The state budget was more than VND 1,476 billion. Continue to maintain the level of capture for Nam with over 1,000 billion, and # 39; Preventing 13 bodies, 5 cars, bank accounts …

Newspaper Youth The court report, which was named by a proxy and proxy, showed that the results of the questionnaires were at the # 39; 89/92 complaint on the criminal offense complaint as well as opposing the offense; case. This result shows that the right person is 89 offenders who are accused, in accordance with the law.

The defenders did not commit their crimes. Initially, Le Thi Lan Thanh did not allow criminal offenses to apply for systematic complainants only to accept the actions that he / she does; buying and selling illicit words.

A Protector Phan Van Vinh Not to include actions that are & # 39; resist their roles and powers as long as they are on duty, and; believe they have made promise only indirectly and inconsistent.

The tenth year after that of the 7th century of the 7th century
Old Prime Minister Phan Van Vinh ron report. (Picture: VNE).

The Nguyen Thanh Hoa cam defender, not to behave his behavior, blaming others.

Suggestions to punish his & # 39; prosecuted Phan Van Vinh 7 years – 7 years 6 months imprisonment

According to the media Vietnamnet According to the project, Phan Van Vinh said that he was not guilty of going to # 39; benefiting his position while he was on duty, only to be blamed for his / her; against crimes.

According to the project's representative, the person who wrote; agrees that he did not commit a long-term exploitation of his situation; he was on duty, not only being the responsibility of the subordinate to committing the crime.

The tenth year after that of the 7th century of the 7th century
Old Lieutenant General Phan Van Vinh in the opening session of the triage line test. (Picture: VnExpress).

Newspaper Youth The Attorney General said that Vinh was the leader of Nguyen Thanh Hoa who was buying in & # 39; creating favorable conditions for Nguyen Van Duong and his accomplishments to organize games.

The person who protects Vinh is also a & # 39; hiding a laird, trying to allow the online game to work illegally, eliminate the marks correctly when examining the & # 39; Ministry.

At the same time, guardian Nguyen Thanh Hoa also works to stop a lower level examination, determined by the testimony of witnesses in the court as officers of the C50.

So, the defendant Vinh helped Duong to co-ordinate unlawful negotiation. In court he remarkably said to be honest.

Mr Vinh has known the signing of the signing of the CNC signage, but before it requires the accused of Hoa to pilot a game port. Inside the accused, Vinh continued his "back" subdivision guide for Nguyen Van Duong. The Minister asked him to stop but still asking his minister to continue his / her; going to work on the port …

To get money, to & # 39; the old Lieutenant was divided, the procuratorate said, as it would not be clear, so he will continue to clarify later.

From the above study, adding to Mr Vinh's power, the defendant showed that the director had supported Duong and his co-ordinators; complaint. The prosecution of the accused allegedly not to adhere to the upper order even if he did; ask the lawyer to stop his card game, & # 39; Unfortunately, unresolvedly commented one thing.

Commenting on the above objective is the Van Van Vinh's idea of ​​helping signage together, Nguyen Van Duong and other co-organizers are experiencing; stop illegal complaints.

On behalf of the subject, Phan Van Vinh is a competent authority with all the tools, the media and all the armies that the State is designed to prevent and prevent, which is essential for the survival of the family . The game has been played by Nguyen Van Duong and his colleagues, but it is not done for survival, development is caused to be particularly dangerous to society.

Indeed, Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa's behavior showed that "protection", and bubbles, in which Phan Van Vinh is the head and Nguyen Thanh Hoa is active.

Their inspection process does not have enough reason, and # 39; group audit, to identify the accused of Vinh and private benefit. Therefore, the person who is accused has considered and dealt with the behavior of the perpetrator at the level of crime-causing "Benefits of long-standing duties and powers and their duties ".

The General General recommended the Panel to protect the defendant despite the ill-term of office while longing; as they were on duty, to convict Vinh's conviction from 7-7 years 6 months imprisonment

Suggested that Nguyen Van Duong was 11-13 years imprisoned

The court received the Nguyen Van Duong defender in his / her; The court shows that it is going to be & # 39; behavior of two such as organized gambling complaints charges and cash glaciers.

The procuratorate sees Duong as the director, who is & # 39; managing the target company of the CNC Company … which has made a significant impact on the society. This would cause a series of other crimes, and coming to the sheep side.

Nguyen Van Duong was more loyal than 1,500 billion. In order to hide the money, Yang will lay on more than 300 billion dong. Duong voluntarily sells CNC leaders to overcome the effects, 4 temporary cars session, & # 39; many bank accounts ban. So far, price is not more than $ 245 billion and four cars.

Duong's behavior was a factor in the organization of gambling and silver glaze. In terms of surrender, as well as the setting of the frame, Duong does not suffer any wounds.

In his situation weakening the investigation, Duong says secretly that he does not hide money; hiding illegally The procuraterate promotes a sentence of eight to nine years imprisoned for a & # 39; organizing gambling, and 3-4 years for silver glaze.

Nguyen Van Duong was asked to have a 11-13 year imprisonment linked to the two offenses.

It was proposed to punish Sao Nam Phan 6-7 years

According to the convener, they paid to defend Pan Sao Nam guilty as lawsuit taxes, which included the line of complaint. Through unlawful racing activities, the southern end will employ over 1,475 billion illegal.

After the money is unlawful, the southern one will move money through many intermediate levels, business investment, estate purchases, and, Fundraising money, a bank invested in Singapore $ 3.5 million. During the trial, Nam named his money-cleaning, Nam suggested his own name in his / her; this case.

So far, the legal campaign has received over 1.3 trillion dong in illegal money. Behavior of the person responsible for complaining and glacing.

The protestative claim that the alleged man is voluntarily overcoming the effects, secretly tells, regret, is the person with excellent achievements in learning. As a result of many challenging situations, the defendant is not capable of dealing with the defendant with the lowest spouse.

The procuratorate suggested that the panel would indicate that Phan Sa Nam made two offenses to complain and arrange a silver vowel. The special court order recommended by the procuratorate fine between 3 and 4 years is a prison for complaint, 3 years for a silver glaze. The total penalty proposed by the defense against the defendant is Named 6-7 years in prison.

Phan Sao Nam voluntarily paid 90% must be different from Nguyen Van Duong but just over 10%

Also at the morning hearing, the Quest asked the Panel to consider its decision to march to consider volunteer situations to overcome the effects of the event; the defenders could. This will ensure that there is a different crime in this case.

For example, Sao Nam Phan will pay more than 90% of his salary voluntarily. Consideration of the reduction in penalties for protectors to be able to; value, co-ordinate actively with research organizations.

Especially with the sum of $ 3.5 million belonging to Phan Sao Nam itself installed in Singapore, there are signs of cash receipts, but it is expected that they would consider going to # 39 ; case handling, the Panel should consider willingness to protect the person. When the sum is collected, the defendant will be removed.

For those involved, other non-definitive behavioral signs in stage 1 will be clarified in Level 2.

The tenth year after that of the 7th century of the 7th century
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