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One evening in 2016, my friend received a message via Facebook Messenger from his cousin's account and lived in Hong Kong. Her sister is too hard, he needs to borrow money. She has a debt if they were not paid immediately, a black society threatens her son to be stolen in a penguin.

Much relatives far away, my friend asked brilliantly how to do. The other guides, a phone shop to buy 30 million card cards Mobifone and Vinafone, select the code, enter "inbox" here. My friend was then to buy her cart.

During her food, she told her husband, the fireman, "Oh my God, I was on my mentor. They are scamers." My friend to her sister in Hong Kong asked her new or personal page that was cut today.

Half years later, the police officer of the Cau Giay area returned to obtain her certificate. They say that a "fraud" case was launched and this included a web-line online. Two who attacked the Hong Kong personal page were identified as living in Quang Tri. However, my friend did not get the lost money.

After this, we learned that hundreds of people have been accused of being able to do so. Buying carts of carts over the years. This scam is highly regarded but many people are still locked. Last year, a $ 6 million phone card was filed by one of my experts for a traveling traveler abroad.

It is tried to & # 39; A big online complaint case in Phu Tho, where each question judge placed a class of robbery by using a scratch card. It's amazing, how many lines to use the scratch card to make online crime?

The common point is one of multi-billion campaigners through Facebook messaging and a series of ten trillions of winter, the starting point: phone card cards can be used as a pay machine, which is not subject to the State Bank .

Scratch screens created for telecommunications services, not for payroll services. But in the trillion cases of a complaint, the agreement concluded that tele-fuel operators have won more than 1,000 billion from the gaming line, especially due to payroll.

Sometimes, before the court, the three ministries, the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and the State Bank, were responsible for the administration of the payment of the chart cards. The Ministry of Information and Communications said that payment cards for telecommunications services could pay for play services. RikVip / Tip.Club is the scope of the State Bank and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The Business and Trade Ministry has confirmed that the ability to use, licensing authority and management responsibility for communications telephones and game cards "is managed by the Ministry of Information and Communications." State Bank will send an official letter saying they are not just banking the bank cards.

The "ball" car that was screened between the seats is displayed by its " The first problem is the story, the law is not clear. The legal information system and banking services have to leave this payment method completely. So far, there are still no rules on paying card cards. In fact, many services are paid by card cards, but no group speaks. The people and businesses are not solely based on their basic principle: the banned is being done.

When clear ideas are needed, organizations do not define actions and state management powers. So, the network operator is hosting it; case has managed to & # 39; card only if there is a breach of pay regulations or not; The bank is not only responsible for the management of the pay procedure, not the command of its & # 39; writing card, as it is not a payment method.

If each party prevents doing such a thing, it is hard to do it; avoids war-war as a result of the law on Credit Institutions, and credit institutions are in a position; Breach of the law on money rubbish. When the large hole is not filled, people and businesses do not know what's right, wrong and when they can break up social security crime such as gambling, cash call, bankruptcy breach …

The test will continue, a breakdown situation will open and pain can be more clear. Unprotected profits from networks and banks can be withdrawn. But justice needs to respond, which group and who is responsible for this risk?

The shoes set out at the beginning of this article are almost all if the offender does not; use instant cards to "wear" or pay for something else, except for payment for the service. telecommunications. People await early resolution of the correct and incorrect boundaries on using cart cards. When public authorities have not spoken, many will be arrested online, or even "trustworthy" as convicts because some of the people who are convicted in the # 39; court.

I still had a feeling with the person's response to Anh Tuan's defense when he was in a position; the lawyer asked: "The network operator has a screening card?"

"If the tough time, the person is not protected here," answered Tuan.

Truong Thanh Duc

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