Trillion triple trial: 7-8 years of jail, two chief of the police and Laws


Promoting people actively to pay

On 21st November, representatives from the People's Public Relations Committee had been able to raise their ideas and give the proposed sentences to 92 defenders in the & # 39; case of online gambling. According to the procurator, as a result of a serious adverse effect, Rikvip / Tipclup is a & # 39; giving almost 43 million gambling counts, a profit of more than 9,853 billion.

The authorities also moved over 100 researchers, without logistics, revival and inspection work in 12 months but the research is not broad, precise. A collection of assets also reached a record of over 1,300 billion in cash, with more than 240 billion deposited. As a result of the large number of musicians, the defenders put their data away, so a lawsuit group did not handle the Rik 25 million or more players (83 between Dong Dong Rik) for the games itself in two days 8 – 9/8/2016.

In particular, the procurator also suggested that his court will " The share of the defenders is willing to pay half of the illegal jobs. For example, the person who left Phan Sao Nam – a director of a VTC online company has returned more than 1,300 billion, and reaching over 90% of illegal profits to be considered by other security guard Nguyen Van Duong – the Chairman of the CNC will not exceed 240 billion dong. Defenders will encourage the feelings of the law, in accordance with the guidance: "Recovering the property that gets a crime". In addition, it should be noted that Sao Phan Nam himself has been issued to put $ 3.5 million at Bank of Singapore.

According to the procurator, Nguyen Van Duong was convicted of guilty, recognizing that the head of the gambling group and CNC team leaders, had a detrimental effect, hide the money hidden. So, the procurator asked the fine court of 8 to 9 years to impose "to play a" gambling ", 3 – 4 year imprisonment for" money ", which will take minutes from 11 to 13 years of imprisonment In addition to that, 1.655 billion dollars of unlawful employment must be paid to the person.

Le Phan Sao Nam, the defendant recognizes that the crime, which was the leader of a group of VTC online gaming companies, has accumulated more than 1,400 billion but confirmed secret. Therefore, the procurator fails to send a sentence of 3 to 4 years to his / her; case "to set up a" gambling ", 3 years imprisonment for" money-making ", and # 39; including penalties 6 to 7 years.

Striking, the opposition of high orders

According to the procurator, the defendant Phan Van Vinh was not guilty, saying that Nguyen Thanh Hoa was only responsible for helping to control gambling. Hoa was also not guilty of convicting, guilty; blamed the other. But there are enough reasons to prove that they both have sinned. "Stopping a power condition while they are on duty". In particular, before working CNC game, the one who left Vinh, Hoa has been calling on the platform again to allow CNC to run the pay gate, connected to the units pirate games. Therefore, both know that CNC is planning to break the law in a high tech field but not to; prohibit the law.

When the play port started, your two were accused of Vinh, Hoa at the same time; a banning side for CNC play, on the one hand that was reported to the CNC to help with pilot work. According to the procurator, the sign "money, postage" of this behavior at Vinh, Hoa. The defendant Phan Van Vinh named the decision that he should have a & # 39; Officially certified that the CNC was the C50, offices rented No. 10 Ho Thi of the General Police Department that no group or group should investigate CNC South-

In 2016, Deputy Minister of Public Security, Le Quy Vuong, has confirmed that CNC runs two play and play lanes; ask the accused Vinh, Hoa and Nguyen Cong Son – said the Deputy General Director. "The income generated by business from operating costs, employee salaries, and reinstatement in the purchase of equipment, software and services," said the report. effective for professional work ".

General Nguyen Cong Mac also stated that the Ministry of Public Security had wronged the fact that the Rikvip and targets were licensed by the MIC. Later on, Lieutenant General Le Quy Vuong called for a report, Nguyen Thanh Hoa asked CNC to end the port-game operation and Phan Van Vinh cheated. However, the defenders are back to the Rikvip game, this trip into Tipclup.

According to the procurator, the behavior of two former Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa showed signs of high orders; Adequate, eliminate your track when examined; Stopping her & # 39; subordinate CNC process. "Phan Van Vinh's powers have all the weapons and weapons that the State has dedicated to protect crime, which can come to a decision about the welfare of their game .. . The behavior of the Phan Van Vinh defender, Nguyen Thanh Hoa showed bribery signs, in which Phan Van Vinh, headteacher, Nguyen Thanh Hoa is confident, "- said the procurator.

However, the process of studying gambling issues is not at # 39; indicate that the defenders have individual gains in their case; handle antisocial behavior. He is particularly accused of having Nguyen Thanh Hoa essential, not to be sure. So, the representative from People requested Proceedings on the sentence sentence Phan Van Vinh from 7 years to 7 years and 6 months in prison; Nguyen Thanh Hoa from 7 years 6 months to 8 years imprisonment, at the same cost "Determining the status of authority as long as he is on duty".

According to the procurator, the behavior of two former Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa showed signs of high orders; Adequate, eliminate your track when examined; ban CNC sub-operation; "There are signs of taking bubbles in which Pann Van Vinh is the headteacher, Nguyen Thanh Hoa is saying positively," – said the procurator.

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The trillion gambling: Who is free from a complaint for bubbles?

Over the past few days, the Court of the People in the Phu Tho Court is on its way. attempt to "Express the power situation while they fulfill official duties"; "Reducing money"; In this case, some defenders are exempt from sending them; adding brushes, causing the lawyers to talk about this.

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