Tristelme? The Roman defeat the impact of the River: "It is not the same to play to win a Cup, to play without going down"


Two days after the River Plate defeated Boca Juniors for the final of the Libertadores Cup, in an interesting game that was played at the Santiago Bernábeu Spanish stadium, the idol, Juan Román Riquelme, gave out the voice to represent the feeling of the bosteros, who still speaks with anger and pity, losing from 3 to 1 before millions.

In conversation with him Radio Sport Sionnach from Argentina, responded to the talented talented park of Boca with difficulty after communicating with the & # 39; panel, about the statements about the coach River, Marcelo Gallardo, who said this success was the most important thing in Boca's history: "I think that's for me that the River did not play the game by hand, for many of the Libertadores that are. It's not the same to win a Cup, to play without & # 39; go down. " They lost with Belgrano when they had to be saved from B, I hope we will never have that situation ", hit it.

Roman, true to the face style, said that "For me, Boca was always a winner, we have to look forward, it's a fun, two Argentine teams came (…) but I did not believe that the team other confidence ".

Anyway, he stopped his team, after his defeat in Madrid: "I think he lost because he was badly defended, they made five goals (…) it's difficult to win a Cup final with a number of goals (…) we do not eliminate a player, we went to penalties " arguing.

Riquelme did not hide her & # 39; He had love for Boca and as a good life, he remembered the benefits of his life; Previously there appeared in the Libertadores: "I'm supporting my club, I appreciate my club, I'm 40 and I'm fortunate, I've been watching Boca seven times (since 2000), the World Cup , beat Real Madrid, Milan. I need to thank me for that joy, " agreed.

Among the many firearms in relation to the contras, the Roman was hard in several: "Guardiola did not hit us, even though they were a game, they did not stop us on dances (…)" he made me lose more with Independiente del Valle (Libertadores semifinals 2016) than the River ", he said.

Loas to Marcelo Díaz

As a good Boca server, the idol welcomed the extent of Colombia Edwin Cardona, current Xeneize leaflet. He compared himself and Silein, the value of Racing, Marcelo Díaz

"For me, football is a game and I think Cardona is crucial, Marcelo Díaz does not give you a chance to know that you can return, not that They'll give you it and they tell you to settle. football, at least me "Riquelme, one of the most familiar with R & D, said: ball on his feet.

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