Truckswagen and Volkswagen Buses provide the new VW Euro 5 line in Peru.


Lima.- Truckswagen and Volkswagen Buses provide the line of Trucks Trucks Euro, which is a Adds to the launch on the 19th July of Lima for the Euro 5 bus line.

The new truck line available in the hard chassis versions and truck tracking of the installation of independent innovation in tools, transitions and important improvements in safety, comfort and design equipment.

It is important to be aware that the Euro 5 trucks made by the German brand were better tested and improved in the last seven years after the change in the level of emissions in Brazil began in 2011; and later with Mexico, Chile and Argentina. There are currently 206,010 Volkswagen Euro 5 trucks and buses in Latin America, part of engines with more than 1.2 million kilometers without rectifying the engine.

Volkswagen Trucks and Buses said the new models include innovative transport solutions through a complete line of materials from 3.5 to 31 of high vehicle weight to meet the needs of the most challenging users. The new arrangements are the best arrangements to work under poor conditions that identify goods transport in the Andean country such as Peru where there are casual and difficult land handling on roads.

"The Volkswagen Euro 5 truck line in Peru is launched as part of our mobile plan in Latin America. Today we are honored to give our customers in Peru the modules truck of the Euro 5 series that causes heavy work transportation in the Resende factory in Rio de Janeiro. All of the modules are part of the wide range of materials that are being used; offered to the company's international markets, "says Marcos Forgioni, Vice President and Member. Board of Truckswagen Trucks and Buses.

The new Euro 5 Volkswagen Trucks were measured as more efficient, reliable, safe and more environmentally friendly vehicles, with the MAN – EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) technology, a solution only for the new MAN engineers. D08, and SCR (Catalytic Optional Decrease) for a model equipped with Cummins motor.

The company states that the MAN engine in Volkswagen trucks and buses is just the beginning of a long way of renewables that a Tratata Group (which is a Volkswagen group that is a member of the MAN brands, Scania, Volkswagen Trucks and Buses and RIO, as well as agreements with key companies in the US, China and Japan) to show the passenger transport department and goods in subsequent years.

It is important to be aware that the Volkswagen Euro 5 Trucks have been designed to meet the emerging needs of countries that are emerging. The new trucks fitted with more power, larger capacity and the latest German technology are equipped with comfortable hotspots, space and ensuring greater driver safety.

One of the concerns of the Truckswagen Trucks engineering department is to ensure that the perpetual safety of VW car owners. For this, all the units that make up an Euro 5 series in Peru are equipped with ABS brakes. The higher capacity units are equipped with the EBD (electronic grid distribution), ATC (electronically removed control) and engine brake windows (MAN-EVB (Exhaust Brake Brae).

In total, five families of materials will be launched. Three families with 4 × 2 haul vehicles (6-11 tons, 13-15 tons and 17-24 tons) and two families with 6 × 4 vehicles (26-31 tons and a truck pull line) they use 150hp engines to the most powerful by 420hp.

New cars support new family families New Delivery, Solution and Establishment (expanded cab, high-quality cabin and low roof) that meet the needs of freight transport both in the channel radius as a medium distance and distance long.

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