Trudeau names four new genres – which includes a Liberal advocate failed


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continued to re-establish the Senate and his associations with independent practitioners to continue today and he named four other people for the Assembly – a & # 39; Fill all vacancies in the Red Room.

But despite his promise of a non-party advocacy process, two of the elders called Wednesday receiving Liberal support. One of them was Liberal, and lost, in a federal election 2011. Another is a senior Liberal.

The Senate has been a total of 105 members for more than eight years, partly because the old prime minister Stephen Harper refused to resign new senators when the film costs. Trudeau, at the same time, has relied on an independent advisory board process that has been moving slowly.

In a statement, the Office of the Prime Minister identified the four new posts in the Assembly: who was Liberal Yukon Pat Duncan's forefather; Margaret Anderson, a native public servant from the Northwest Territories; New Zealand mental health expert Stanley Kutcher; and he identified a notorious Rosemary Moodie, born in Jamaica, born in Ontario.

Kutcher became Liberal candidate for Halifax riding but lost NDP candidate Megan Leslie.

"These four new independent genres provide a wealth of knowledge and knowledge for those who have a huge impact on the Parliament and all Canada. They know what it means to attending and occupying their roles to make a difference in the lives of others. I look forward to working with them on the most important issues for Canada, "said Trudeau in recited.

It's not her first time; in Trudeau on a senator who expressed a history of a Liberal party. There was a recent appointee, Ontario Sen. Josée Forest-Niesing, a former chairman of the party's Sudbury riding society. She was also a leader of the president's leadership campaign.

The Conservative leader in the Senate, Larry Smith, said that the liberalization of new practitioners and questions about governmental commitment is to " struggle for participation by the Assembly.

"Today, the prime minister has reminded Canadians that his new non-party process for the appointment of Senators", " said Mac a; Smith.

"He served as members of the Trudeau Foundation, then a member of a Liberal Riding Association and a former Liberal Democrat as a stand-alone who was independent. Believe that that is beyond the sensitivity of Canada. "

"Preventing harm," said Mac a & # 39; Smith, the role of Kutcher is raising a long-term tradition – a man who goes back to the Liberal government of Sir Wilfrid Laurier in the nineteenth century – employing an Honorary Senator from that area. Although there are two Acadians from New Brunswick in the Red Room, there is no one from Nova Scotia.

More women, indigenous ancestors

After these appointments, Trudeau has given him a name of almost half-49 of 105 – of all the senators sitting.

The number of well-known indigenous women and grandparents has also climbed dramatically under Thudeau. Women now represent 47 per cent of the room. The number of native genres has been doubled and stands at 10.

As it has been the usual usual practice, Trudeau practitioners are expected to sit as an independent or independent member, from the Assembly and are not members of one of the caucuses groups – part of its responsibilities; prime minister to eliminate partnership from the room over time.

The Independent Senate Group is the caucus that includes a & # 39; Most of the Trudeau elections, now the largest block in the Assembly. Although officially independent, many of the elections of its president have voted on the line of government lines. But because they are free from party control, independent leaders have been more active in developing government legislation.

According to a biography given by his president's office, Duncan's first Yukon's main women were on the land between 2000 and 2002. She was involved in a & # 39; reach land application agreements with First Nations in the country and move some powers from federal government to the border. It is said to have a "deep understanding of land and military legislative processes".

Pat Duncan was an old Yukon

Kutcher is described as a renowned expert in youth mental health and a head in mental health research, advocacy, training and policy development. He is Chairman of the Sun Life Finance in Youth Mental Health at Dalhousie University and the IWK Health Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

His biography does not describe his Liberal era.

Stanley Kutcher mental health expert (Provided)

Moodie is a neonatologist, a clinical teacher and a parent-related professor linked to SickKids and the University of Toronto. Moodie has a community medicine that serves the neighbors of Rexdale-Etobicoke and the Jane / Finch corridor.

Dr. Rosemary Moodie (Provided)

Anderson is the Inuvialuk who has been a public servant with the North West District Government for over 20 years, working with communities and indigenous people throughout the area. She was a leader of community justice and policing there.

Public service Northwest Land Margaret Dawn Anderson (Provided)

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