Trudeau to make it harder for the future PM to reform the reform of the Assembly


Justin Trudeau says the government is hoping to make legal changes that shape the Senate into a more independent, non-party room, making it more difficult for a future prime minister to & # 39; turn to & # 39; the clock back.

The prime minister says that his government will change the Canadian Parliament Act – the law that brings out the powers and benefits of MPs and their elders – to show the new truth in the home best, where a & # 39; Most senior citizens sit as independent who are not related to any party politics.

"We will try to make it fair," Trudeau said in a year-round board interview with the Ottawa Press Press. "We'll try to do it before the election."

It is being done before the election of the next fall is of paramount importance to independent genres, who are afraid of Trudeau reforms to be easily reversed if the Liberals were re-elected .

The Conservative Chief Executive, Andrew Scheer, said that if he became Prime Minister, he would return to his / her; Previously used habits to & # 39; complete assignments, and name the Conservatives to the high house.

Trudeau started seniors out of the Liberal caucus in 2014. Since his appointment in 2015, he has only named advocates proposed by an army advisory group in a & # 39; trying to return the Assembly to its position as an independent room of the sober second opinion.

Out of the 105 elders, 54 is now independent that has been involved to become more independent in the Independent Senate Group. There are 31 other Conservatives, 10 Liberal-independent and 10 are inappropriate. The Conservatives are the only organization that still lives in the room.

But the Canadian Parliamentary Act recognizes that there are only two main organizations in the Assembly: the caucus governing party and the challenging team, who are entitled to research money, have a specific time to debate bills, membership of committees and everyday place – everyday decisions about the company's business, such as when to debate.

Independence in the Red Room

The Senators have agreed on the plane to some of the most active and independent areas of accommodation, giving them some research and committee functions. But the ISG's leadership has argued that their obligation must be clearly spelled and promised in the Canadian Parliament Act. And, since the change would have to be & # 39; allocation of financial resources, they say that the Synod can not begin, except by the government in the House of Commons.

Sen. Raymonde Saint-Germain, former CEO of the ISG, changes that the function is the only way to "give perpetual independence" independent ancestors and to "defend this essential reform for an independent Senate and -party. "

"The reform that Trudeau Prime Minister has to make positively and implement … must be completed," she said in an interview. "It will not come from the inside of the Assembly. The only way to complete it, to complete it, changes the Canadian Parliament Act."

Raymonde Saint-Germain, who is the center, is with General Raymonde Gagne, left, and Peter Harder before being sent to the Assembly on December 1. She says that It is the only way to ensure that independent senators have changed party control. (Justin Tang / Canadian Press)

Trudeau said he was happy with the way in which the reformed Assembly had been working, although mental elders are now more likely to change government bills, ; reduce some legislative process and sometimes showing fear – unrealized so far – that the Senate could have a full impact on legislation.

"Canada has been able to see the benefits and the interesting changes and engagement with bills in a way that I think has been very positive. Thinking that it's been good for our democracy to be removed from being good for centers, "he said.

In terms of Scheer, Trudeau said: "If he wants to go back to the party type and support we were able to do, well, that's something he needs explained. "

New generators with Liberal links

Just this week, however, Trudeau put two new genres involved in strong Liberal links: a former Libyan User of Yukon, Pat Duncan, and Stanley Kutcher's mental health specialist, who ran for the Liberals in the 2011 election and lost.

"I do not think that membership in any political party should be banned from being able to be an independent president who does not respond to me, but to be rely on their values, "said Trudeau, saying" sure we have also recruited or donated people to the NDP to the Conservative party. "

The Conservatives have repeatedly questioned just as the independent leaders are really, saying that most people think they are in a position; Trudeau quotation division – Trudeau's refusal cost.

"I do not want to choose people who are completely offline where I think they have my values ​​or many Canadian values," he said. "A prime minister in a different political struggle in the future will surely be able to resume people … which may be bent differently. I think that's going to happen naturally in our system. "

Despite this, he said that the institution is better because most older people do not; Responding to the Prime Minister and not sitting in regional parties "to plan politics."

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