True fire christening for Shahrel in Hanoi


It was a rare start; for Shahrel in Vietnam but the playground issues did not initially sweep a formal rival for Perak who was born.

The senior coach, Tan Cheng Hoe, has been using the skipper Zaquan Adha as the frontier of the opposition against the two teams of weakness in Group A of the Suzuki 2018 AFF Cup competition but decided Choosing Shahrel Fikri is selected in & # 39; A defeat against Vietnam and a back-up, no ploy was working.

Park Hang-this quickly put his team to play on the attack and with three main defenders, they were able to easily play up on Shahrel for his & her. most of the game. Even when Norshahrul Idlan Talaha pushed up next to Shahrel when Malay was in a position; affecting the ownership of its members, Vietnam still had many benefits in those battles.

Shahrel had been to get out of her & # 39; A good bing in recent games has just made it difficult to scratch out and down; An old woman sent by Vietnam captain on the day, Que Ngoc Hai. However, there was an opportunity in early minutes to play Shahrel's game; Feeling that Flax should benefit from it.

"It was weird because I started for the first time in the competition and as a main striker too. My own and I gave my 100%, and indeed I'm unhappy that I can help the team win. "

"I felt the attraction on my shirt and I thought it should be a punishment but the referee did not give it. From the challenge, I found a hill that affected my When I was on the frontier of Vietnam.

"I hope I can still be part of the game against Myanmar and I hope the coach continues to give me trust, and everyone wants the country to reach the Next stage of the competition, "said the PKNP FC after its # 39; game S-

Shahrel and the rest of the Malayia team will be monitoring the Tuesday morning decision between Myanmar and Vietnam. A decision for Myanmar could make things difficult for Malayalam to hope that they reach the second round, while Vietnam's turmoil would have to go to it; meant that the Bukit Jalil National Stadium Saturday would have the exact product in Myanmar.

Cheng Hoe hopes that the 2-day time they get when they return to Kuala Lumpur from Hanoi will allow the team to be able to go. return their case and train Monday back with training. batteries.

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