Trump, Alec Baldwin, is an unsafe feeling after having a tweet; President NOW


Alec Baldwin publishes public public if he and his relatives are in danger as a result of a tweet in which US President Donald Trump Saturday Night Life (TheSNL) to criticize.

"It's astonished if a current president can be encouraged to appreciate me as a danger to the people and what this is affecting the safety of me and my family ", the actor asked on Twitter.

Republican Ages & # 39;

Baldwin who is 60 years of age has influenced an American president often and is therefore highly regarded by his & her; Most Democratic spectators are their current affairs program. SNLSouth Westerly

Trump left a couple of days, however, he knows how long he is worried that the measure is full and that he is full; get tired of the sketches SNLSouth Westerly

"Why are these broadcasters committing such a kind of attacks on the Republicans to not go?" This also belongs to other programs, it is not fair and should be examined, "said the president.

Baldwin sees that Trump is a criticize a clear profession to take action.

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