Trump beat MG stocks to prove a point by 2020


TThere is only one reason why; President Trump opposed General Motors ("We are now looking at cutting all subsidies @GM, including electric cars") to & # 39; signal to his supporters in the states that would affect them.

When Trump put on his Tuesday car business on Twitter, MG stock fell just about 4 percent, although he was shaking back in the following hours.

GM said he was cutting the salary staff with 15 percent and his / her; Several plants are closed in North America, including in Ohio and Michigan, to prepare for future market changes.

Trump won a huge campaign on a commitment to revitalize jobs in the US, both states in the 2016 election.

CNN, announcing an unnamed person known as the "case", said that even there would be no government in any government to close Trump.

But the risk of getting GM to turn a course was not as straightforward as it was a return to Trump's campaign issue that American staff are going to have a great deal. get tired.

"I'm very unhappy with General Motors and their Chief Executive, Mary Barra, for the closure of plants in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland," he said a tweet. "There is nothing closing in Mexico and China. Save the General Motors in the US, and this is what we get!"

GM gave no comment that he changed his mind, but saying in a statement, "We value the actions that this administration has done on behalf of business to achieve the competitiveness make the whole SA better. "

But the conflict reminds Trump supporters why they chose it, that's the thing.

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