Trump for OPEC: Prices are too high


Trump l


President Donald Trump

The US president, Donald Trump on Thursday, asked the Nations Agency of Petroleum Exports (OPEC) to boost oil production in order to reduce prices.

"It is very important for the OPEC to increase the oil flow," wrote Trump on his Twitter page. Global markets are fragile, and the price of oil is rising too much. Many thanks! "

OPEC, along with other producers, is led by Russia, seeking to absorb market supplies through an agreement earlier in the year to cut yields by 1.2 million phd.

In terms of trade, oil prices fell after the US President's turnout of 2%, while the Brent rating of 66.68 dollars was registered, and the US suspension was 58.35 dollars. T site for the "Bloomberg" site.

Bun: RT + Bloomberg

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