Trump Hammered on Acting General Solicitor Matt Whitaker – With Republicans


When Chris Wallace is interviewed with Donald Trump on Sunday News, the president will be attacking Acting Advocate Matt Whitaker from an incredible source: Republican.

The Republic of the Law is a Republican, a group of high quality guardians, a 30-second running in Washington D.C. long & # 39; Trump's interview shouting for a Whitaker, taken by Trump to head of the Department of Justice after the president has been in attendance; bringing out Jeff Sessions.

The advert requires Whitaker to re-use it from the research by the special councils, Robert Mueller, to run a Russian campaign with Trump's president campaign as a result of Whitaker's final statements. "The United States needs a general advocate that does not play politics," a & # 39; warns the ad.

The same ad was running Wednesday during the best trumpet program in the morning, "Fox & Friends."

Whitaker "can not be confident to have a proper look at" Mueller Research, "said his company sent to Huffpost." After investigating Robert Mueller's opposition to his / her public and Again, sometimes, Whitaker has given us … all the reasons for believing that he is led by the interests of the Trump situation rather than the country. "

Criticians are afraid that Trump Whitaker has chosen to close a Mionler and probe.

The Republican organizations have spoken to defend Mueller's research. "Allows to include the search of the president's unique council, it harmed the GOP and its serious injuries in the country," he said. But Whitaker's role has been in control of the fight.

The group is part of the Defending Democracy Together group, which was launched earlier this year by the Republicans, including Bill Kristol, the founder of the Weekly Weekly Week, and the former governor of New Jersey , Christine Todd Whitman. The organization's aim is "integrity" to its election process, federal agencies and its; Protecting a Republican Party, and "trying to expand legal rule, free trade and legal immigration".

Last week, George Conway, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, organized by another Republican group, challenged a Trumpet called Checks and Conclusions.

The company has a & # 39; supporting the "rule of law," independence of the criminal justice system, "free news and civil dialogue" regardless of what party or people are in power, "said the group in recited.

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