Trump holding two knees for the Hyde-Smith day before being wound out of her & # 39; border of Mississippi


President TrumpDonald John TrumpMia Love is taking forward in the Utah race as it is. judge to leave his / her; her board. Trump administration wants to investigate the situation between Erdoğan for Turkey. Trump is a congratulates Kemp, saying that Abrams MORE will have a big political future hosting two campaign broadcasts for General Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) the day before chron in the tight race of the Shannon in Mississippi.

"Our campaign is working hard for a large election day, so the President's visit will be on the day before the path is a good boost to ensure that everyone knows keepers have a very clear choice in this election, "said Hyde-Smith in a Saturday statement.

The race ran to run after some of the candidates were getting a majority of the votes. Hyde-Smith will face the face of the Democrat Mike Espy, who was a US secretary in Australia, in November 27 away.

In the first round of voting, Hyde-Smith shared the Republican vote with conservative firebrand and Chris McDaniel, Trump's supporter, who did not appear in the path. Hyde-Smith received around 42% of the vote, and McDaniel got around 17%. Around 41 per cent of Mississippi voters supported Espy.

The dual campaigns suggest that the Republicans have a " worried that the seat of the Serie in the Mississippi ruby-red can be at risk.

Hyde-Smith's recent warriors that Democrats are hoping they may be able to pull out a riot in the Deep South who is in a hurry. Memories of the Senate Alabama race last year in which the Rev. Doug Jones (D) affects a deep applicant in Roy MooreRoy Stewart MooreParties begins to start; going out of the 2020 battlefield. A culture of tolerance and traditional justice has taken place on war. Flake says he's a fighting for a Democrat who ran against Steve King MORESouth Westerly

Initially, Hyde-Smith was struggling to face a fierce challenge after she said that "on the front row" should an advocate should be campaigning inviting "public hanging ".

"In response to the one who invited me, I used a mentally ill-minded word, and any attempt to turn negative turnover is very difficult," said Hyde-Smith.

Mississippi is the number ab & # 39; height of lynchings from 1882-1968, according to NAACP.

Espy, who runs to become the first black senator in Mississippi, from the Reconstruction, and Breaking his / her opinion as a "rejection" and "harmful".

Hyde-Smith also opposed criticism after having a video about what she said "maybe we want to do it a little harder" to volunteer students to vote. Her campaign agreed that they gave a humorous idea.

With the expectation that the track has already been low attendance, the comments have been supported by Espy's supporters, with the Republican who are hoping to visit a seat trip the same for the side. Trump Mississippi won almost 20 points in 2016 and still enjoys it there.

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