Trump proposes a new way for employers to be involved in a birth control order


WASHINGTON – Trump administration makes it easier for employers to control control of birth from health insurance benefits provided under the Induction Care Act, and has introduced a new justification, saying that -movies can get antivirus at family planning clinics for people of income.

This could, therefore, increase demand for clinical services, which are already pressed. The plan is one of the recent recommendations that could impact on access to birth control, as a result of corporate separation of services at clinics and tight new rules on insurance payments.

The health law usually requires employers to cover casual health services, and the government says that these include anti-movement for women. Under the final regulations published this week, employers can get freedom if they oppose some of the all kinds of concepts that are based on their "religious belief" or affirmations moral.

In a highly recommended rule, Trump's administration said that women would refuse to negotiate an interactive dialogue with their employers to qualify for a family planning program that was created by them; Transport in 1970 under Title X of the Public Health Service Act.

Clinics in that program will be & # 39; serving 4 million people a year, especially women and youngsters with low income. Clinics need to give priority to low income families, identified as those with annual income less than or equivalent to the level of poverty ($ 20,780 for a family of three). Demand for clinical services already exceeds what is possible with the available funds, $ 286.5 million a year.

Under the Trump administration recommendation, some women would be entitled to free shift, regardless of their income. The proposed rule states that "a woman of a family can be considered with a low income" if she has a health insurance coverage with a employer "that, for religious or moral, a & n; refusing to cover the anti-motion cover she & she; search.

Administrative officers said that the proposed rule would be a "#; meeting the needs of women while the president's birth control policy needed legal challenge. The proposed rule "conserves conservative protection" for employers and provides free family planning services or low cost for women who need them, said the administration.

But Clare Coleman, president and chief executive of the National Family Planning Association and Rehabilitation Health, who represents many clinics, says that the application "would support the titles of Title X and use their limited federal funds to support employers' debts to comply with the transposition cover requirement. "

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