Trump says that the losses are fair, fair, and my name was not; vote: NPR


President Donald Trump talks to the media before leaving the White House on Saturday, November 17.

Jim Lo Scalzo / Pool / Getty Images

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Jim Lo Scalzo / Pool / Getty Images

President Donald Trump talks to the media before leaving the White House on Saturday, November 17.

Jim Lo Scalzo / Pool / Getty Images

Despite harsh campaigning, a & # 39; Supporting Republican electors to continue and go to; Tweeted, President Trump did not take any responsibility for GOP's loss in the media elections in an interview with Fox News & Chris Wallace who left Sunday.

"I have people who do not vote if I do not vote, well?" Trump said. "And I did not have a vote".

Wallace lost a ruler of the Republican and seat of the Assassin in three main states that helped to deliver his / her. Election College in 2016; Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, but Trump would not give any crime.

"I have won the Synod, and that is also historical, because you look at the Heads of the White House, it almost never happened where you won a seat , "said Trump. "We won – we have 53 at the moment against 51 and we have 53 Major Sets in the United States of America. We won. That's great."

Arriving in mid-2018, one of the most favorable maps was a party of the Republican of the Sinn Féin in the last 100 years. Democrats (and two independents who supported the Democrats) needed to defend 26 sets, and # 39; including 10 seats in the states that won Trump in 2016. On Sundays, the Republicans have had two seats found Assembly, and they lose almost 40 seats House and control of that room .

Trump did not respond directly to the fact that he was expecting his post-retorted post-post office but stated that "three or four or five posts" is that he Thinking.

Regarding any cabinet change he already made, Trump said he was not aware of before the current Attorney General Matthew Whitaker introduced that Whitaker had been essential to the special council, Robert Mueller.

"If you look at those statements – those statements can – they can always be watched in any way," said Trump about the Whitaker circuits on television cables and op against Mueller's investigation of a Russian attack in the 2016 election.

On Wednesday, Carrie Johnson at NPR stated that the Department of Justice stated that Whitaker's temporary career was legal, but did not address whether Whitaker should be transcribed from Russian research on Because of the ideas that came to me; before.

In rare controversy, Trump introduced a mistake when he did not go to Arlington Cemetery on the Veterans Day.

TRUMP: I should do that, I was very busy with calls for the country. We made a lot of clamation as you know.

WALLACE: But this is a Veterans Day.

TRUMP: Maybe I have – you know, look back, I should have been and I did last year and I'll do it; do every year.

Trump's decision began to send & # 39; folklore who visited the Arlington National Cemetery on a Veterans Day shortly after he had been able to go. criticized not to visit a cemetery for Americans killed in the & # 39; First World War.

He was very much defending himself on Fox News, saying he did not; cover that was not due to "fake news" and that the Secret Service said he was not allowed to go through bad publicity that his helicopter would have started.

With regards to a pressed news topic, Wallace returned to Trump attacks on CNN and the New York Times, saying as long as the other burners have been in a position; disturbing the cover, none of them were referred to as the "enemy of the people" enemies. Wallace said that leaders in world-wide authorities now use Trump words to protect the media.

For this reason, Trump dropped down his claim that news coverage was "very wild" and beautiful.

Trump was not worried about the regulation of Friday that White House needs to restore Jim Costa's news releases, CNN's journalist, after the cable network complained about Trump administration. Trump said "it's not a big case," and that the White House is currently going on; writing rules and rules for behavior at news conferences.

When he was questioned about his loose tone, Trump learned himself by nameing performances like going to his / her. issuing out the mandate of the Induction Protection Act and last year's tax cuts.

"I think, yes, you know, which is more modest, more moderate in that way, I do not think I would have half of the things that I did; I can finish it. "

"Trump is something that matters to me," Trump continued. "But many times you can not use Thomas because people who come up with you are so hard if you do not fight back in an extremely safe way, you will not win it. we need to win. A country must win. "

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