Trump staff do not change to keep Kelly


President Donald Trump does not promise his promise; Previously, to hold the staff member John Kelly for his / her rest of his time, as part of a broad consideration of staff changes that could be done; continues through its administration.

Trump praised, in a broad interview on "Fox News Sunday," Kelly's work ethos and many of his contribution to the situation, but said, "There are special things that I do not like . "

"There's a couple of things where it's just a strength. It's not the loch. It's not a strength," said Trump, adding that Kelly could be want to go.

Ask if it would be & # 39; Kelly holds her post by 2020, the president only gave "happening". Trump had previously been promised publicly that Kelly would stay during his first term in office, although many in the West Wing were confused.

Trump said he was happy with his Cabinet but he was Think about changing "three or four or five posts." One of them is Kirstjen Nielsen's Homeland Security, who is now uncertain. Trump said in the interview that he could keep it on, but he made clear that he wanted to be harder to implement his hard immigration policies and his / her; implement the security of the border.

There is a list of potential opportunities for Nielsen to include a post office lawyer, two military officers and the former Chief of Immigration and Themes of Scotland. But she will find out now that she does not find out about the immigration laws and the court challenges that hamper her hard record; President at each time – even though there is a better personal chemistry.

Trump was also talking about & # 39; removing Mira Ricardel, a national security security convener who is relocating to another post in the administration following a ban on the east side to end in an amazing story from the first woman Melania Trump to ask go away. The president said that Ricardel was "not diplomatic, but she is talented" and has disturbed her belief that his wife Conservative of the Conservatives in the White House.

He also left a series of reports that he had been in & # 39; hitting in the week after the Democrats were able to capture the House of Representatives, and Subsequently, the west side's desire was "very clear".

The president also addressed a series of other topics:

– He said he would not be involved ", where his current claimant Matt Whitaker chose to limit Robert Mueller's specific inquiry into the 2016 election impact and potential interconnections between the Trump and Russia campaign "Whitaker had previously been a wild rage of the investigation, and Democrats asked to re-use it from driving it. Trump said" to be "up to" and "I'm a & # 39; believe it is; going to do what's right. "

– He put on a federal judge's decision to send Jim Acosta, the White House messenger, newsletters, but he eliminated a "decorum" problem among reporters who deal with the administration. Trump also stated that White House was going to write behavioral rules for reporters at news conferencing, saying, "If it's illegal, we will send it away or stop it on & # 39; news conference. "

– He also prospered his remarkable attacks on the media, including the "enemy of the people's" labeling reporters, "a closer expression related to authoritative rules. Trump praised that his interviewer, Chris Wallace, was not an "angel", and when the crowd from Fox News, who gave him a broadcast broadcastingly, said he had media in " loyalty. " Trump said, "I'm calling on fake news, a fake statement, what's going out of this country because people know, people who are happening and are not they can hear about it. "

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