Trump trails allowed us to build a new billion dollar plant


United States tariffs for steel industries are certainly the business development of the US steel maker, Nucor, to the chairman and company leader, John Ferriola, to CNBC on Tuesday.

"Steel & steel targets in the United States have completely revived our steel industry," he wrote. "New and expanded plants are happening across the USA. We only save this important business, but we created many jobs. Also, the millions paid to our finances.

And, if you ask it on Ferriola, the president may be right. The Chief Executive told Cramer that the fourth quarter and 2018 did not only have Nucor's "record", but so many steel users did.

"The year of registration year for Nucor in 2018, but it was also the year of registration for many of our customers," said Ferriola. "Indeed, it's been a really good year for manufacturing in general. When you look up to 2018, the manufacturing department is, in whole, is going on to achieve its highest profit, winning profit, from the beginning of the 21st century. So the manufacturing industry, in general, is doing very well. Our customers to do well. "

Nucor increases 2.79 per cent on Tuesday after company salaries. The stock is still around $ 10 each department from the top 52 weeks of $ 70.03.

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