Trump will make consuls from Californians to suffering a twin tragedy


PARADISE, Calif. – President Donald Trump said that California was suffering from mutual miscarriage, and # 39; Walking through moving home ash and RV park in the northern town that was destroyed by a fatal wildfire and privately entertained people. love after a huge collage of a college bar that enjoys outside Los Angeles.

"This is a hard day when you look at the entire death from one place to the next one," Trump said Saturday before returning to Washington.

Trump visits to areas of Northern and Southern California following unexpected wildcats who killed over 70 people who gave him what he wanted to fly on the coast to his or her. shoreline and back in one day in the heart of California's wild fire.

"We've never seen anything like this in California, we have not seen anything like this yet. It seems like a whole vision," said Trump as he stood inside the ruins of his Paris, burned landed by wild wood with the name "this monster."

Before returning to Washington, Trump met in detail at the airport shuttle with families and his first response was circulated by the burning at his / her; The Bar & Grill border in Thousand Oaks over a week ago, leaving 12 dead in the name Trump "a terrible event." Reporters and photographers did not have permission to go with the # 39 ; president to the session, and Trump then said he was emotional.

"What can you say as well as being so sad to see. These are large people. Large families, cut off," he told reporters. "We just arrested them and we kissed them – and everyone. And it was very warm."

He said: "It was hard and still, in one way, it was a very beautiful time."

Trump had never once been a former president of California, a democratic and voluntary state that he was blamed for a pair of transient unemployment, illegal immigrants and fraud voting. He has also been opposed to the Scottish Government's government, but differences were put inside as Gov. Jerry Brown and Gov.-elect. Gavin Newsom joins Trump in a & # 39; investigating the wild damage.

"We need to work quickly," Trump said near the shaving foundations of Park and steel homes with sheltered cars. "We hope this was the last thing because this was really bad."

In focusing on his belief – not to be shared with all wood scientists – better woodland management practices will reduce future risk, Trump said: " I think everyone can see the light and I do not believe that this will be repeated to this point. "

Due to the hard, probably unlikely situation, Trump changed his first response tweeted to the fire, the worst in the history of the state, where it seemed like e a & # 39; blames local officers and their & # 39; threatening to take away federal funding.

Later hours and hundreds of miles to the south, Trump found similar signs to the majority in the sea bias of Malibu, one of the southern California areas damaged by Wild fires at least three killed. Palm trees stood decorated and some homes were burned down on bluffs overlooking the beach. Chuan Sèimh.

At least 71 people have died on the northern part of California, and authorities are trying to find more than 1,000 people, but they do not all have a chance. missing. There were more than 5,500 firefighters who faced their opponents; 228 square miles (590 square kilometers) and around 50 per cent, officials said.

When asked in Paris if he saw the historic destruction, stretched for thousands and neighbors that were destroyed and destroyed, his attitude to climate change was changed, Trump replied, "It's not"

The president has long disturbed her & # 39; The impact of people on his / her; climate and is unhappy to send & # 39; blamed on warming ground to increase the incidence and intensity of natural accidents.

Playing a "USA" game, Trump gave a slammed look at the destruction in paradise. There were several buses and fire cars nearby. Trees were burned, their branches bare and bare. Houses were not completely away; Some foundations rested, like a chimney and, in front of one house, decorated with slabs with Mickey's mouse. It was reported that the fire had moved through the area at 80 miles.

"It's going to work out well, but now we want to look after the people that are so bad," Trump said while & # 39 as they were Visit the remains of Skyway Villa Mobile Home and RV Park. He noted that "there are still places that you can not even reach" and that there are no people.

"I think people need to understand this," said Trump.

Later on, the president circulated his workplace, met with responding leaders and praised firearms, law enforcement and representatives of the Federal Emergency Management Group.

Trump built a helicopter journey on the way to Chico before he made a trip to Paradise. The full cover of an old woman and smoked smell gave her president when he reached the Beale Air Force near Sacramento.

"They are out of fighting and they fight like hell," Trump said the first answer.

He promised that Washington would do its part by doing it; came to the Gold State support and persuaded the Republican chief of the House, Producer Kevin McCarthy from California, Trump ally and often White House visitors, to "come to the office" funding.

Trump has long been trying to bring sympathy to victims of national accidents and seriously saddened. The first response to the fires started in a tweet last week began to create a critical problem; Needing to be essential and be ill due to the breakdown: "There is no reason for woodland fires that are very fatal, fatal and expensive in California but woodland management is so bad. Millions of Dolphins are brought every year, with a lot of lost lives, all due to poor woodland management of woodlands. "

After adversely affecting that response, Trump moved guards, initially prompted initially encouraging words and those who felt sympathetic to victims; hitting.

Nature and people are responsible for the fires of wild fires, but fire scientists are divided into whether woodland management is a key part. The nature of the hazardous winds that hit the fires has exposed, the state has been in heat and climate change is caused by humans over the past; long disease is killed and a & c; dry the shrubs and the trees that give up their & fuel.

When Trump was asked in an interview on the "Fox News Sunday" that had a climate change role in the number of fires, he said "maybe it's a bit . It's the big problem we have the lead. "

In northern California, Trump continued to show suspicion of the effects of climate change on wildfires. Woodland conservation was sometimes likely to include attempts to block fire in Finland – it has a unique weather in California – for example for the following Gold State.

Asked if he thought there was room for climate change in the fires, Brown replied: "Yes. And we will allow science to verify this over a longer period."

Reporter asked if a climate change would be discussed with his president, but Trump jumped into, "We did not debate it."

A reporter then said, "Well, it is clear that you agree to this case." Trump replied, in part: "It may not be as different as people think. Is it happening? Things are changing. And I think It is important that we do things about it. We do it better, much better. And it will happen as soon as possible. "

Brown and Newsom said they welcomed a visit to their president, Brown believes that they have put political differences away since it is "now a gathering time for the people of California." A wild advocate in dealing with climate change, the government reported a number of reasons and said they had to deal with them.

"If you are looking at the truth, from a very open perspective, there are many elements to consider," said Brown. "The president came, he saw and I look forward over the coming months and further afield to understand this danger of fire, the whole of dry and a rest of it. Not just that, there are lots of things and I think if we just start our mind and Looking at things, we get more stuff. "


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