Trump's dispute refers to NYT that he asked supporters about Pingal's loyalty


President Donald Trump and Deputy President Mike Pence dismissed a news conference.

President Donald Trump told Deputy Chief Mike Pence as a "trooper" who has already "been proven, in many ways." | Al Drago – Pool / Getty Images

President Donald Trump launched a Saturday in Mike Pence, again describing a report in the New York Times who said that Trump had queried his loyalty to his vice president, and his & # 39; claiming the available evidence that the newspaper had not been seeking views before it was published.

"The New York Times made a phone story, as usual, about my relationship with @VP Mike Pence," wrote the president on Twitter. "They made sources and they refused to ask me, the only one who would know, to report …"

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Trump said: "… I can not think of any President who has a better or closer relationship with their former CEO then both of us. Just EILEAN'S REQUIREMENTS, Leaving the People!"

In a story published on Friday, Times said Trump has been a recent quiz on House consultants. Ghuidhe and believe they were loyal to the 2020 re-election campaign at the moment; president.

Earlier Saturday, talk to storytellers at the White House before going on; they left for California to investigate the destruction of wild fires from the state, Trump sent out of the Times report.

Trump, who is well-known as his personal loyalty, is a cause of proverb in many of his friendship and his friendship. recruiting decisions, presented to the post-president as "trooper" and "amazing person" who is "already proven, in many ways."

"I do not investigate his loyalty," said the president about Pingal, according to a pool report. "It's 100 percent loyalty. It was a pony story."

Trump also suggested that his secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, did not send himself or the White House to tell his / her opinion on the story of the Goal.

"How do you make a story like that, and do not call its princess?" Trump said. "I gave them a product, I say it's not true. And that's the end of their story. But they do not do that."

The president said: "You know what product would be? Mike Pence is doing 100 per cent. Now you can not do your story. That's why they do not want phone me for produce. "

Maggie Haberman, writer of White House for the Times and co-author of the story (who is also a POLITIC), debate debate president in Saturday tweet. Haberman told her that she contacted Sanders by e-mail before the story was published, and referred to the Secretary-General secretary of the White Hogan Gidley Parliament. appear in the story.

"FACT CHECK: Email @PressSec and speak to the first advocate advocate Hogan Gidley," wrote Haberman online. "POTUS had to talk to them about why they did not estimate him."

There was a penny in Singapore on Thursday for the East Asian multi-national Summit, where he and the National Security Council of John Bolton spoke in detail to President Vladimir Putin of Russia. On Saturday, there was a penny to represent U.S. at the No A A Economic Cooperation meeting; Pacific in Papua New Guinea.

On request with Saturday's reporters on the truth of the report, Pence said that he and his president had a " "close" and "strong" relationships, according to pool report. The former president's announcement also reported that the story in a recent conversation was shared by the president.

"It came up," said Pence. "We had a good smile."

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