Truong Quynh Anh confirmed that Tim was a paper that was only the divorce


"We and Quynh Anh were separated because they wanted to have an adult, especially the Quynh Anh family," said Tim in a recent interview.

It's amazing to break up but still stay together, Tim said, although he was separated but he never loved Trương Quinnnh Anh ever. "Although they have signed up to the divorce divorced papers, but for me, there was only a blank sheet of paper." Q: How often did you marry me, my parents like it? One page registration is ready, we will still continue to eat & # 39; …. ".

After Tim's share, the public was very proud to answer Truong Quynh Anh. However, she did not speak or did not work. At the same time, the personal Facebook page has also been stolen. Recently, when the social network returns returned, Truong Quynh Anh gave picturesque personal photographs, taken in the bedroom. She writes in detail: "I'm tired of getting off."

Under the comment, close friends are leaving the message to Truong Quynh Anh. Although MC Quyen Linh encourages: "If you're tired, let me calmly," Ho Ho Thai's response is a " think that many people think.

So, an old cat Cat Phuong said calmly: "Completed a collection" and Zhang Quùnh Anhh quickly answered: "Get involved, do that back, uh?"

Thai Hoa regularly said: "click on me!" He explained, "I was so sorry, I again rebuked how I played lego, and sometimes when I finished I think it's beautiful." At this time, Quynh Quynh Anh described his philosophy.

With the views of their colleagues, many of the audience supported Tim and Truong Quynh's collection: "Did not let Tim go out". Others remember about the beautiful 1989-year-old girl; try to relax and think:

"Work is tired, let's go to keep a healthier and happy family but try to keep the little Quynh Anh" button; "It's beautiful, too much stress for a spirit of comfort, if you offer sacrifices for the future for the children are very good, good luck, Quynh Anh who is always happy, in the hands of a happy family"; "You're so beautiful, sushi is so clever and loves you, you'll try two hands together to overcome everyone, especially one of them to keep the family happy, for Sushi being happy with love, love for parents ".

On the side of Tim, recently he suddenly identifies the work icon with ideas such as "love of art only" and "just good". He also said he was "at the heart of his closure".

Tim's latest developments are very different to what he had just told the media some days ago. And finally between Tim and Truong Quynh Anh, the only person who is lamenting or not in love can not give the same.

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