Try it! Gábor Boraros joined his enemy: Stay on the bombs


today 13:20

Oktagon 10 will be a gala dinner, which will be one of the biggest stars in its room. group. Gábor Boraros will meet in the duel for the energy welter title by David Kozm.

It is thought to be the favorite Japanese fighter, but does not think it. Gábor is a great hero. He has many games. It's important that I live on his first visit and then I'll give it up, "he said. Š David Kozma.

Gábor Boraros is the keeper of his first historic zone for the success of the Oktagon – Challenge series. Many fans have loved him to watch every game. "That's why I'm looking forward to fighting. This game is the most prominent. I want to win and give the duel," said Boraros.

Gabor Boráros.

Gabor Boráros.

Source: Š, Tomáš Kottra

Although the Czech hero wants his first zone within the Oktagon group, Gábor Boraros has already won one. But now there is a game game where everything is going. "I have not made a special preparation for it. But I'm going to tell you anything, waiting at O2 Arena for bombs," said Gábor Boraros.

Often, however, the young hero said he chose the opponents weak. That's not what David Kozma thinks. "I'm not sure. Gábor has had a lot of high quality games, so I'm honestly preparing for him. Gábor is a dangerous rival and I need to be careful about his style. I believe, however, I'll send it to the third visit, "said the Japanese fighter.

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