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Ladies and nobles, Party Leaders, State, Vietnam, Frontland, Frontland,

There were women and nobles,

My constituents and voters throughout the country,

After almost a month of poor democratic and careful work, the National Assembly XIV has completed the sixth session agenda with significant significant content as described in the general resolution of the session. The meeting has just been agreed by the National Assembly.

With great reluctance, the National Assembly has chosen the General Secretary of his Party of Vietnam Communist Party Party to hold Nguyen Phu Trong as President of the Vietnam Socialist Republic. This is an important political event of our country, and the people and voters are extremely fond of. In addition, the National Assembly has agreed to the First Minister's recommendation on Government members to ensure proper procedures and procedures as prescribed by law.

At this session, the Transporter issued nine laws and referred to six other bills. In particular, its Transport confirmed its & # 39; Total Partnership for International Partnership (CPTPP) and instruments associated with equity are very high. We are the seventh country that confirms this agreement, which is important to ensure political certainty; Party and State to actively engage the region and the world, and reinforcing Vietnam's position and concern to the international community.

Sixth session is the closing session of 2018, which is also a starting point of mid-term evaluation of the implementation of the socio-economic and national budget results of the National Assembly. The evaluation shows that, although there are many challenges and challenges, the socio-economic development in 2018 and the last three years is still quite complete, the economic reorganization of the economy is Achievement Outcomes, all key indicators were targeted and targeted, progress has been made, GDP's positive growth, social security and the life of people have stepped up, national protection and security to keep it. critical actions, the work of government building has many new innovations, our country's situation in the region and the world is constantly improving.

Transport & # 39; Highly values ​​the Government's implementation of rigorous and rigorous, proactive, effective and effective co-ordination of both political, business and global community systems. turning the year 2018 and the last three years; At the same time, the National Assembly has identified the analysis, identifying constraints, economic challenges and challenges, practical solutions that are being developed; Praise to continue with sustainable development. Based on that, the National Assembly has four agreed ambitions of socio-economic and state budget.

At this meeting, the National Assembly was above the achievement of the National Assembly's ambitions of specialized guidance and questioning from the beginning of the term to the end of the year. fourth session. This shows that intentions are put into practice badly, many commitments, commitments are made and advanced results, and # 39; making a strong change in many areas, enhancing social-economic Development, extremely popular with voters and people in the whole country. Transport & # 39; recognizing the Government's efforts and responsibilities, the People's Court, the Procurator of the Human Sheriff, services and branches in a & # 39; fulfilling their roles and responsibilities. the responsibilities of the representatives and agencies of the National Assembly in which to monitor and respond to. Monitoring the implementation of the National Assembly's requirements.

The National Assembly has given them a vote of confidence to those elected or endorsed by the National Assembly. This is a specific research content, which reflects the level of belief and identity, evaluates impartiality on the efforts and the results that were achieved at the beginning of the term with the people who vote. trust. The National Assembly recommends that those who have a " voting to continue to & # 39; Encourage achievement, knowledge that enthusiastically drags, & # 39; Overcoming constraints to identify the actions the Party, the State and people have.

Dear Concord,

The sixth session continued to improve the quality of the work of the National Assembly; Discussion, accountability and accountability of a vibrant working environment, democracy, concern, attraction and persistence of people and voters across the country. The result of the session has created confidence in unity and inequality to achieve the next year's activities and the 2016-2020 term.

His Transport to the # 39; The National Assembly's representatives have active involvement, wisdom and commitment; the preparation, rigor, commitment and responsibility of the National Assembly, the Government and other agencies and organizations involved in the preparation and conduct of the meeting.

To ask the representatives of the National Assembly to report on and promote the results of the sessions, listen to voters' and people's concerns and intentions, analyze, learn and do & # 39; understanding social life truth. To display and display. recommends the National Assembly, the Government and responsible agencies, actively participate in legislative and management activities.

The National Assembly wants the Parliamentary Standing Committee, the Council of Nations, the National Assembly's Committees, the Government, the Vietnam Frontlandland, local administrations at all levels, the Attorney General's Court, Procurement with its Main Account People, State Audit and organizations and organizations involved in evaluate and capture knowledge of what has been done and what has not yet been done; In order to regenerate management mode, manage the management and further improve the effectiveness of the work to create strong changes in the future.

Dear Concord,

My constituents and voters throughout the country,

Today, the sixth session of the National Assembly at the 20th Vietnamese Teachers Day on behalf of the National Assembly, I focused closely with the teachers, staff, staff, civil servants, Workers have been working in religious education and loving blessings and good wishes. I hope that the whole education department will continue to develop their traditions, a solution to overcome obstacles and difficulties, Delivering basic regeneration policies and aims and actions and comprehensive education, home home training.

On behalf of the National Assembly's Sustainable Committee, I would like to thank all the leaders of the Party, the State, the Vietnam Frontland, the rebellion leaders, to attend meetings, & # 39 ; inspect the session and always taking into account and respond to the actions of the National Assembly; Thanks to the leadership, management, close co-ordination of the Party, the State, Vietnam Frontlandland, branches, levels, areas, newsgroups, newspapers, service units have been accountable and effective; Thank you for the interest, sharing, and invaluable contribution of voters and people who contribute to the success of the session.

I am announcing the closing of the sixth session of the National Assembly of XIV.

We wish managers to & # 39; Party, State, Vietnam Frontland, high-profile senior, prestigious guests, members of the National Assembly and all observers and voters Water, health blessings, enjoyment and success.

Thank you very much.


(*) It is the chief's newspaper Nhan DanSouth Westerly

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