Try to go into the Mars scene (not to gut)


NASA just stopped the InSight on Mars on Mars. Yes, Mars. This is a very big contract because many of the Mars breaks were not made. I'm not surprised that I'm very encouraging about the campaigns to Mars.

For this special message, the laird used, protected by a heat shield, the Mars situation slowly. After that, he needed a high-definition parachute to reduce the pace. Eventually, the laird came from the pharaiteit and traveled the last part of the trip to using rockets to control his descendants.

Now for the real question, however: Can you rely on the InSight landscape? What if you could start by hand, the shadow of the robot live? Find out.

Before entering the game, let us go beyond the basic physics. To be very careful this, I focus on its & # 39; a part that uses its & # 39; a rocket of this mission. At the time of a spaceboat, there are two forces that work on it. The extreme negative impact of the force is and the force that is; rising from the seagrass rocket. The impressive force just depends on a local faith area and the spacecraft. Air Mars, this important area is slightly lower than Earth, with a value of around 3.71 Newtons per kilogram (compared to 9.8 N / kg on Earth). This vital area is consistently stable in strength as long as you are close to Mars surface.

Although the liability range is stable, there is less spacecraft. As it uses its rocket, it will be a & # 39; big loss (as the rooster engine works to fuel fuel). This means that the extreme adverse effects also change slightly, but indeed the entire spacecraft is not made of fuel. The total quantity of fuel is only about 16 per cent of the total mass.

A major change to spacecraft also has a shift. According to its principle momentum, the full force (credit and rocket) is equal to the level of change; at the moment. However, the momentum is defined as a great result and speed. Therefore, a continuous and continuous spacecraft will have a spacecraft; means the rise of changes at an unhealthy basis since the change is changing. Yes, it's getting tough.

Ok, let's go into the game. This is how he works.

  • Start with its spaceship completely on the cover and 50 meters above the ground.
  • You try to change the rocket configuration.
  • The change in the speed of a rocket depends on the size of the crest.
  • The change in fuel equipment is also dependent on the amount of rocket traction.
  • You want to get the rocket to reach the ground while it's & # 39; travel less than 1 m / s (it should be even slower).

That's all. Click "run" to start and then the slide will change at the bottom for the rocket rocket. The program also shows just the shortness and the level of fuel you leave. This is especially the final version of the classic video game – Lunar Lander.

This is harder than it seems. It is the problem that we often do; Thinking of a direct link between force and movement so that a larger force is made to move faster. Aha! Not as fast as Indeed, a larger force can make more CHANGE a & # 39; move. Because the landlord lays down, you must increase the force to stop it at & # 39; tidy when it falls. But if you make too much pressure, the lawyer will reduce so much & # 39; as it starts to & # 39; going up quickly on the other side. That does not come ashore – that's a # 39; go away.

Now for some homework. So you can bring the stream to the ground (safely) in the smallest time. Now try to create an algorithm for the size of the sgolt (which is not under the control of its user) which will give the shortest time on land. It will be fun.

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