Try to make a funny Christmas comet instead


Comet 46P / Wirtanen shows this image from Gianluca Masi with her & # 39; Teileascop Internet Project.

Gianluca Masi / Virtual Telescope Project

Look up for a dark night this week and you may see a flying bird flying package through just space for holiday time.

Thanks to her seasonal time, Comet 46P / Wirtanen named "Christmas comet". A beautiful little video has now moved to its ability.

The image from the Teileascop Intelligent Project shows a clear light member to & # 39; opposition to the back of a star of stars.

Experts at the University of Maryland say that the comet could be clear to the lightning eye if you are in a dark sky place. He also carries up almost a bit near Earth, making it the 10th most nearest comet today. He still saves safely with his & # 39; Our planet has enough room to give it.

Wirtanen is not famous for being nearby. There is a lot of reasonable ice, which can be heard up and down; feed into the jacket, clear cloud of gas and dust around a small ribbon. This activity means that it is a "multi-active" comet. "They appear to give them more water than they should for the size of their immorality," said the University of Maryland.

The Telegascop Intelligent Project will host live videos of the comet online on December 12 and 16 if you want to view the vision from the company's strategic telecoms.

Animated musicians should also be able to see the comet by using telescopic and whistleblowers. The University of Maryland offers some helpful star charts that help to & # 39; show you in the right way.

To contribute to Wirtanen's Christmas prestige, they are even the best seasonal color. NASA says it's a "ghost" blue. This is the closest way to Earth for the next 20 years, and so enjoy as long as you can.

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