Trying to fight people in Thailand, Vietnam needs to kill everyone


The attraction against Myanmar was not only that Vietnamese did not have the opportunity to visit the visit but also showed a problem that was in fact; This Hang Park coach is very disturbing. That is the end result of the striker.

Despite whether the referee had a & # 39; hitting Viet Nam (Van Toan was marked in the place where the conciliator was but the conciliator was wrong), not the Quang Hai, Cong Phuong, Van Duc and Anh Duc. Myanmar's goal is to give less than 5 members. But Vietnam's distributor's destination came to a large extent – Hetet Kyaw Zin caretaker.

In fact, Myanmar keeper does not have to pour this side, fly like birds to the other. As most of Vietnam's level of strike is for the middle of the visit. Statistics from the Az Suzuki Cup website on Vietnam fans have been busy on the ineffectiveness of Vietnamese strike. Out of the last 19 scoring points after 3 matches, Vietnam only hit 5 visits. That is, the degree of change of borders that met the Vietnamese agenda but 26.3%.

Achievement of the Vietnam national team after 3 games

Achievement in Thailand after two games

Compared to the other six teams with the chance to qualify for the & # 39; Final (except Laos, East Timor and Cambodia were eliminated), Vietnam was registered at its fifth position in the ultimate goal of the final destination (just higher Malaysia and Singapore). Compared to Thailand's competition, the level of change that has been hit on the Vietnam visitor program is nearly three times. With a 11-day defense warrior successful in just 17 league games, and & # 39; Showing 1 out of 7 competing teams for their & # 39; final.

This is not a game story. Coach Park Hang This was angry at a game that Vietnam was not just about. Laos 3-0 victory in convincing that his opponent is not too small. And now, because there is a tiny little record, Vietnam can not be able to; Cost the best place (they need to wait for their finals) – something organized by Hang Seo coach. before the competition starts.

The teams receive AFF Suzuki Cup 2018

(Up to 21/11)

Team Completing the target Final points are unlikely Aims The level of change was affected by its & # 39; visiting menu
1 Thailand 17 9 11 64.7%
2 Philippines 8 13 4 50%
3 Indonesia 13 19 5 38.5%
4 Myanmar 20 18 7 35%
5 Vietnam 19 18 5 26.3%
6 Malaysia 16 22 4 25%
7 Singapore 4 11 1 25%

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