Trying to lock the Nguyen Hue town


The District 1 People's Committee (HCM City) recommended in 2019 to stop traffic on Nguyen Hue on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. By 2020, it will stop every day of the week.

to carry out scientific research in the field Ho Chi Minh City ban ban every couple to Nguyen Hue Street
to carry out scientific research in the field
The People's Committee wants to stop traffic to Nguyen Hue Street. WITH RIGHTS

By 2020, prohibited all transport modes

The Area 1 People Committee will send a document; Ho Chi Minh City Transportation Department will request to change the plan of a traffic group on the Nguyen Hue walkers' street.

Therefore, the District 1 Population Committee considers that Nguyen Hue's walkers' street is a square corner, where many visitors and people live, often play and play -and about a & # 39; crossing the road. However, this road does not dispose of vehicles from 19 to 23 hours Saturday, Sunday each week. There is no official decision of the HCM City People Committee.

So, to ensure traffic safety and safety for visitors in specific activities in the Nguyen Hue area, local directors suggested that a Department of Transport and Research research group; prohibit each vehicle with 1.5 tonnes to Nguyen Hue Street (ensuring the highest responsibility is on the surface of the road); Nguyen Hue restricted traffic distance from 10-20 km / h; Stopping, parking for all vehicles on the Nguyen Hue road; Design a roadmap for all traffic to Nguyen Hue Street to meet the needs of the area.

In the coming years, 2019 will impose the daily ban on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and prevent the spread of daily distribution per week by 2020; Creating a traffic path on the Nguyen Hue and Le Loi routes to ensure traffic safety, depending on the operation of the street to walkers.

Fast traffic for other roads

Ngo Tien Nam Son, a design expert, said that Nguyen Hue's new pedestrian hurdle on short-term vehicles has a lot of disturbance. A road affects many. Not only does traffic pressure be reduced to two small routes, one way is the Dong Khoi and Pasteur route, and a traffic setting for a series of hotels, restaurants and the largest commercial venue at home on this way. is also a problem to solve.

According to his son, Ho Chi Minh's home planning is visit the Nguyen Hue village, mostly to attend the festival and so not look carefully, and missed many opportunities on this route. Initially, Nguyen Hue Street has no underground parking lot, with an underground site connected to the metro line in the future. After all that needs to be made this road again due to the great street of walkers, parking space can not be central. Second, the Nguyen Hue road does not have a green green space. The path is a tough concrete garden, not environmentally friendly, and inconvenient to visitors. In addition, the walkers do not have the same connection at both sides, reducing their ability to & # 39; trade use.

to carry out scientific research in the field

Nguyen Hue has no green space. Two Tien Dat

"It's not just an administrative decision to walk in. It's a good idea to look at traffic and businesses as a whole. It's a place A small, magnificent mirror at Dong Khoi Street, the most important thing that transport can be done through Hai Ba Trung and Nguyen Hue, to school In relation to Nguyen Hue Street, not just that he should be able to block the camera for the whole week but it should be considered to face the opponent, which prevents the event, the -Constitution and the need to make a way of organizing public transport to run short to serve old people, young children "- Mr Mac suggested.

The architect Pham Phu Cuong also noted that, since the arrival of Nguyen Hue Street into the street for pedestrians, the number of vehicles that were poured into Ton Duc Thang Street and Le Thanh Ton Street to & # 39 ; greatly increased. Now if the "green" is only to allow people to walk, pour the measure of methods, they need to solve a grid traffic problem.

"The biggest weakness of Ho Chi Minh City is the lack of underground transport nets, which make it more obstacle to the design of a pedestrian site, the development of a bus system can be a great deal of design Street walking, "Cuong stressed.

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