Trying to see the bodies of frozen people under Kim Lien


Day Day on November 19, expressed PV Knowledge A police officer in the Hai Ba Trung area in Hanoi said that the unit was coordinated by survey forces to clarify the purpose. The death of a man under the Kim Lien walk tunnel (Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi).

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Industrial forces cause the victim's body out of the Kim Lien tunnel.

According to the first information, the event took place about 6m on the same day, some people going to do it; under the tunnel Kim Lien (side of Giai Phong – Crossroads, Le Dai Hanh Ward) I can not find the body above.

The information is then reported to the authorities.

A witness said, the time The body of the detector was cold, by side and needle.

Up to about 10m in the morning, the authorities took the human body out of the tunnel Kim Lien.

Current affairs People got frozen bodies in the tunnel Kim Lien exploring it, clarified.

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