Trying to solve the argument between the US and China has grown to Wall Street


Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) closed trading 0.49% to 25,413.22 points. The DJIA continued to grow on the next day. Compared to Friday, however, 2.2% fell.

The S & P rose 500 0.22% on Friday to 2736.27 points. Nasdaq Election Displays Index 100 Technology fell 0.34% to 6867.02 points.

The Burmese said that the leading induction recorder for President Donald Trump helped raise the fact that China's unions still have not been able to report. accept a trade agreement, but they donate their & # 39; I think there's no solution yet. Other impediments would not be the second most powerful economies in the world.

However, investors did not make reports from technology companies. Nvidia shares fell by almost 19%. It was the result of the bitcoin building; there. Nvidia is special. Bitcoin lost two thirds of this year's value, making it more attractive.

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