TS Online Mobile opens "something that would be booked in advance" for free! Get ready to take yourself to adventure in the time of the Three Kings.


TS Online Mobile A challenge of a turbulent thing with Pato Yao and a story about the age of the three Kingdoms, the most popular version-set game you have seen from PlayPark.com. I am ready to collect items for 3 times as follows

1. Pre-program recording, just register in advance to give you both server items. Duration of activity From today – 17 April 2019
2. A faint page likes to invite friends to join a Fan Page to receive the award for the entire server. Duration of activity From today – 17 April 2019
3. Journey Jong Yuan, Treasure Tour Click here to play the activity on the microsite site each day for 20 consecutive days. Period of activity starting from 18 March – 17 April 2019

Besides, there is a PATOYAO FANART CLUB. In any real-life role Get a prize of over 10,000 baht. From today – 17 April 2019

All Warlord games Get ready and return in time with TS Online sport. With other activities More on website or through www.facebook.com/PlayPark.TSOnline.TH

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