Tuan Vu will see Che Linh as a teacher


When he sang, Tuan Vu consulted with Che Linh and then followed the command & # 39; oldest brother &

On November 21, singer Tuan Vu held a news conference featuring the forthcoming live film in Hanoi. This is the first time that Tuan Vu came to Vietnam for a night of music after being banned from Vietnam for his / her. featured on Asia's tape in 2013.

Tuan Vu at his news conference on 21/11.

Tuan Vu at his news conference on 21/11.

Watching Tuan Vu in the & # 39; news conference Che Linh. The duet male singer knows the song night owner 10 years old next to the request Life announced earlier. Che Linh and Tuan Vu are the two pages from a patent in the market abroad. Tuan Vu thought Che Linh was a teacher. Every time to sing, the singer asked "Can you sing this song?" Then follow the instructions "high".

Che Linh does not want to be a Tuan Vu teacher. He is willing to give comments, but he still needs to learn from young people because art is not limited. Both the Che Linh and Tuan Vu were successful with the song Life composed by the Phuong Truc writer. When the Tuan Vu register is selling well, Che Linh does not get up. He was pleased that Tuan Vu could finally return to Vietnam to play a single-party concert after nearly 10 years of division. "I have to be present to support the spirit of my brother," said Che Linh.

Che Linh should be supporting Tuan Vu in every event to be ready for his / her. Invitation to the youth concert.

Che Linh should be supporting Tuan Vu in every action that he should be willing to accept. would be sent to & # 39; upcoming young people.

Tuan Vu, Che Linh's singing & # 39; 10 year old relationship &

Tuan Vu, Che Linh's singing & # 39; 10 year old relationship &

Thus, Tuan Vu will return to Vietnam about 1-2 months. As well as having a live concert, he spent more time to visit his father's grave, Visit children and grandchildren of their own city. After a broken marriage, Tuan Vu lives with grandchildren; Orphans to parents from a young age. In the country, he was not lonely feeling because he was often in a position; running the show and traveling in the pub works with some friends.

At the time of the event, Che Linh and Tuan Vu were imprinted. "Data-natural-h =" 454 "data-natural-width =" 680 "src =" https://vcdn-ngoisao.vnecdn.net/2018/11 / 21 / Tuan-Vu-31-6381-1542797478. jpg

Che uping mom and Tuan Vu at the event.

Apple said he was poor, not the giants as people think. However, Tuan Vu at this age is no more important money "There is no place where money is going, so it can not be down. "It's very lovely for the people around and new audiences. A showcase will take place on December 9th, there will be a lot of close friends with Tuan Vu: Giao Linh, Son Tuyen, Ngoc Son …

Photograph: Thanh Dat

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