Tuathadh Simulator 19 – PlayStation 4


The rehabilitation program?

Created in 2011 on PC, the Farming Simulator series is always very successful on computers. So the developers of Giants Software have set up a new program, just named Simulator Farm 19. The concept has not changed, it is still a farm management, and # 39; using a tractor and many devices. As you complete the game, you have three difficult modes: New Farmer, Farm Manager and Originally. The first is the easiest, a & # 39; Let's start with a few vehicles, equipment and basic land. This is also the best way for new people (so their name), as it is the case. Open with short tutoring about the processes you need your master. In fact, if you come from Farming Simulator 17, you could take it away at the Farm Manager, where you are. Start with a large amount of money that can be spent on your own, which now includes buying land packs instead of just fields. You must also make a decision about the place of the farm, including grain storage, hawks, and your farm. The last method, Originally, is just what is written in the title. Then you do not have enough resources to start and you can even return the games economy for lower prices. Not just for the special players who want to work a lot. Anyway, whichever is the option, you will receive three cards (two basic programs and one free download) that is; clearly indicate where you should build your foundation. There are not many other options if you do not want to build on one of your fields. It is very easy to set up buildings, and the land will change it's too close, but costs will rise quickly if you do not climb flat ground.

Once you're up and running; running, the fastest change in graphic developments is. The static crops that are cut at the bottom of your vehicle are over. The bed of the grains is now as your vehicle goes through and, if your tractor is not equipped with narrow tires, your crops will be destroyed. Light improvements, extra animation and wildlife – birds on your fields, fly away only when you drive – to make the game world live than ever. Accordingly, the scaling of data still makes a disappointment, as land, trees and other objects become more precise when you come in, even on PS4 Pro. For a series that is described as immersion immersion, it is difficult to see that this has not yet been resolved. One of the best changes proposed on John Deere device vehicles is to be added, and volume of vehicles and equipment to more than 300. This means you have more choices than you ever wanted to; Farm management, whether you focus on a particular crops, forestry (which is better in forestry in France) or breed, there is a new vehicle or new device you want to improve. To talk about tools, you must now use a new device throughout its; farm trip. Cure should be treated regularly to avoid crop loss, and salt should be added to the soil from time to time to maintain a pH balance. If it's like it's too hard, do not worry. There are still a range of settings that allow you to switch in or off such options so that you focus on what you enjoy. As you progress through the game, you will be asked to diversify some of the new crops: cotton and oats. There is little to say about cotton, but only the tools are very expensive and not really good. Oats, on the other hand, are essential for the animal added to the 19: farm chimney. Although you do not breed horses as other animals, you can finally sell for profit. And yes, you can ride!

Achievement that's a n; grow.

In terms of technically speaking, the Simulator Farm 19 generally has a very nice graphic in general. The engine was completely researched, it is not a bad thing, the vehicles are well-designed, the effects are particularly reasonable (special mention of climate conditions), and The environments are even very beautiful. Whales are even less than in the 2017 printing, despite a few consolations. On the other hand, the physics tool is again common. We do not feel how the tools are at all, and we almost do not; believe in front of a racing game, that says. In general, the grip is very correct, and the tasks are more different than in the previous investment. With a multiplayer online (up to six), and many of the missions, life expectancy is up, if you keep this special sex. With support for mods, a powerful and vibrant game community can be created on PS4 and Xbox One. These modules are completely free and allow changes to the cards, buildings or vehicles at the same. However, there are still constraints on consoles that Giants Software must have to endorse each fashion before it is available on PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. PS4, of course, PS PS can play through the Remote Play feature, as long as the PS4 Pro is a & # 39; giving a resolution in 1440p.

One thing that is quickly realized is that the most difficult thing in the series is Farming Simulator 19. Crop prices are much lower, and with more equipment you need to increase your product, you 're suffer much more than equipment and vehicle leases just from the river. Fortunately, the system has been optimized and you can now use your own device or rent to take on the job. The best part you can hire employees to carry out these initiatives to you. You will be able to exchange your data and monitor your own fields instead of taking them out. Finally, it should be noted that a dog can now be. After buying a dog, you have a four-legged friend with which you can interact, and follow it too. The snake comes with a bowl (as it is obvious that you need to eat it), and there is also a member but unfortunately the dog will not get it.


The Simulator 19 Farm is even more comprehensive than the previous ones and its & # 39; including new activities, new horses with horses, but also new game tools and new cultures. The technological deduction also indicates a step forward, a realistic realization of the physical engine, and that there are three difficult options that are in place; making the experience appropriate to all audiences. For soils, it may be difficult to start initially, but the wealth of what you do in the game will keep you waiting for hours.

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