Tunisia every year will record 20,000 pre-age births


Tunisia every year registers 20 000 pre-age births with an average of 50 children per day, or 10 per cent of the total birth rate of over 200,000 per annum, according to head of remedial remedies and revival at Charles Nicole Zahra Marrakchi Hospital.

"Early joy enhances the health of their patients and the mother who has problems with birth due to a number of factors, including some diseases," said Marrakhi on Saturday, in The educational health show at Charles Nicole Hospital in the & # 39; the capital when the International Children's Day was married on November 17. , And show that mental and physical behavior is coming from hard work or passing social conditions, apart from pregnant couples and smoking.

There was a group of children and young people attending this educational event, which included art and revival paragraphs, together with the. their parents in a medical and pro-credential framework, which was then receiving care while & # 39; they were living in hospital and her; giving them the full care and efforts to save their lives.

The Health Minister, Abdul Raouf Sharif, for his actions, says that the public sector has a strong capacity to support and encourage the department, especially in terms of lack of resources .

Its first pre-national identification was held on 17 November 2009 by non-governmental organizations. There are several countries that join the date. November 17th the International Children's Day is the aim of raising awareness of the importance of the children; There are birth birth problems and ways to address the things that cause them.

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