Turkey participates in killing "Khashoggi" .. Spirit and did not stop the crime


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On the scratch. Free writers: Turkey is participating in killing "Khashoggi" .. Spied did not stop the crime, talks about the situation Mazmz, Sunday, November 18 2018.

According to the reductions and statements that Turkey officials have gone to the media, books and analysts have confirmed that Turkey has a " participating in the murder of Saudi journalists, Jamal Khashoggi, and even describing some of them as "the largest one." Listen to Saudi consulate headquarters in Istanbul, And now it's not about to go to # 39; co-operate in investigations and prevent work from & # 39; justice by refusing to give evidence to Saudi Arabia, but it is making political cells, and analysts say that time to keep Turkey is accountable for their crimes.

A question about reducing

"Well, it seemed that most of the current media that flowed from the early hours of Khashog's actual event, but this is an important issue, is not only the origins of these reductions and its goals, but also about how to get this right information? "

Official wells or official data

"For myself and those who have quested at first, we have taken professional professionalism," he said. "Jobs can not be built on anonymously decreased by hospitals, and we have to wait for information from official Declaration sources or statements, so that all those who responded can disable them Initially, especially with regular solutions to feed the event's fire, and the consistency of the wild media campaign that gave a clear target to the whole country and not those who committed the crime!

She broke the law and did not save the person who was suffering

"The defenders are now under the control of their privileges and receive the fair test they are entitled to, but the question is entitled to a fair answer: how did Turkish authorities have proper information about the Khashog event? they would know in advance of the newspaper and the news statements why Khashogi did not warn "If you do not know in advance, there is no way to get detailed details of the event at this high speed if you do not; using energy and taping at & # 39; Consulate, who breaks international law! "

The Turks were used wisely

"Whatever responses we receive, Khashgi is not suffering from severe griefs that have been removed from humanity and their duties, but also by attacking informal of the Turks with the Turks.

She was planning against Saudi Arabia

In his article, "The Deathly Assassinated" in Al-Hayat, the writer and political analysis of Abdul Salam al-Munif, said Turkey had been carefully responsible against Saudi Arabia, as proof was in charge of Khashoggi's murder. "Turkish politics on this case, I was here, which gives us a number of points, the most important thing is that Turkey is planning to carefully against Saudi Arabia and its Jordanian project, and has a major role in this criminal event, which is almost as big as its partner As they did not work in the news about them. "

Accounting is coming

Al-Muneef said, "Saudi Arabia will only count the accused and violate the law, but I think it will be a & # 39; consider the case of a diplomatic legacy and to increase internationally the international case, as the Turkish government has made a clear and clear breakdown on international customs and laws ".


In the article "Why are you discharging the person affected by their greatest potential?" In newspaper "Okaz," writer and political critic Hamoud Abu Talib, "says that the information provided by his & her Public Poison (Saudi Saudi) # 39; her news conference enough to clarify what has been achieved in the death of Jamal Khashoggi's death That day, and it is assumed that the actions that have been done in accordance with a legal process to identify the costs and their people to prove as badly the state and its speed are to deal with the case, as is Many countries have been expressed in their statements after their conference, but Turkey said, the other party in the case through some of the officers and the media is not enough and non-trustworthy Ann, and continued in the game of the incredible statements and her passion for embarrassment us mischief. "


"There is no further fear that Turkey can use to take away the kingdom because everything that the United Kingdom has reached is at the procurator's news conference, but the Turkey has rejected three persistent requests from the Saudi dispute to give evidence and evidence, including records related to the case, today is not denied today when the Its applications are to reach all the truth and not just as well as it's about the ongoing political trade of the case.

Crime allowed to occur

"If some of the parties are still attacking the nation even after a claim has been reported, why not attack the Turk because crime has been known in advance and have been monitored from the beginning to the end. Since leaving, he confirmed that he had recorded the information about the killings, but also a record of the murder team to discuss the way before Jamal Khashoggi came to conspiracy, that is, instead of preventing the offense that could pass and put before the security services ears that they knew before, a group of Shaudis on commit crime and have been investigated and brought to justice and was named to the world, there is a state with which all bodies permit crime to occur and to co-operate -from with the Saudi party to give evidence and give evidence, but his & her did not know; international community or it was difficult to provide information that recognizes ownership And only a matter of responsibility, humanity, customs and contractual agreements between states. If crime can be banned, it is worse than its ones, and it needs to be kept to a more difficult account because the crime is bigger. "

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