2018 Steam Awards: Winners

Annual Steam Games Awards were announced. The winners are already expecting.

Although the games are not sold more on the CD, but on the internet, Steam still works as the biggest and most successful platform for distributing games from the producer to the player, users. The digital game broadcasting platform also hosts a competition, which is a regular basis. Choosing the best games and producers by category each year.

The VR League of the Year, the Best Developers by Love, the Best, Better Tasteful Friends, was the Best Choice and Sport Choice of a History Machine, the results of the 2018 Steam Awards, in which 8 total categories were announced .

The Steam Awards, which were donated to the Steam Users vote, were not included in the 2014 organization, except for Odyssey Creation Assassin.

Volunteers of the Games Department of the Year

Player Player Battlegrounds
Hunter Monster: The World
Kingdom Come: Saorsa
Hitman 2
Odys Creed Odass Assassin

Winner: Player Player Battlegrounds

VR Game of the Year Volunteers

Elder V Scrollings: Skyrim VR
Beat Saber
Map Unlock (Open)
Superhot VR

Winner: Elder V Scrollings: Skyrim VR

Advocates of Love Department

Dote 2
Grand Theft Auto 5
Sky Sky is not
The Way of Examples
Stardew Valley

Winner: Grand Theft Auto 5

Best Development Department Advocates

CD Projekt Red
Rockstar Games
Digital Ceumannan
Enix5 Square
Interactive Paradox
Bandai Namco
Klei Entertainment

Winner: CD Projekt Red

Best Media Advocates

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Subnauti le
The Tomb Raider Shaw
Far Cry 5
Dark Days 3

Winner: Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Friendly Best Division Advocates

Stronger: Global Offensive
Rainbow Six Siege
Definition 2
Dead with Daylight
Covered 2

Winner: Tom Clancy Bogha-bog Siege

Advocates Other Best Electoral Division

Wolfeinstein 2: The New Colossus
Odys Creed Odass Assassin
Iron 4 Heart
Civilization of Civils Sid Meier 6
Summary 4

Winner: Odys Creed Odass Assassin

Device Department of Worst Device Department

Euro Truck Simulator 2
League Rocket
Nier: Automata
Spanish Engineers

Winner: League Rocket

Despite the best issues at the end of the Steam Awards in the late 2018, the PUBG (Player & Battlegrounds) surprised some of the winners at the Games Department of the Year, but although there was a very difficult problem because of his reputation, Game of the Year was chosen.

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