3ok 3 Nisan 2019 Goods Catalog published

This week's weekly week announced that materials will be distributed. Jack the new week current products catalog with new mitigation opportunities to meet users. The days of celebration, which begin on Wednesday, will continue for a week. You have full discounts at the Şok Market. 3 catalog of Nessan Şok goods goods this week with the future lighting results you have done a close examination. The new weekly discounts in a series of well-known grocery stores, which have always been satisfying to satisfy customers with their initiatives, will be worthy of your return. Nor can we extend the word either Completely valuable catalog allow us to download the downloadable materials this week


Catalog Shok Actual 3 April, 2019 There are lots of materials that will draw attention this week. When we look at the first part of the campaign, we see goods always in attendance. Recipient 2 years Axen 32 inches gray LED TV 899 TL is the most popular product sold this week in the Shok market. You can also buy this product at a price of 149,83 x 6 TL. Jacket This week we will relieve you of the following results;

  • Gokidy 16 to the children 239 TL
  • Single cotton strip 24,90 TL
  • Double coat of cotton 29,90 TL
  • Sinbo showdown completed 99 TL
  • Plate with single sides 14,95 TL
  • A double double check out $ 19.95
  • Men's boots
  • Pavilion 9,99 TL
  • Men's leather shoes
  • Mat amar 9,99 TL
  • Floor with a Wellsoft pattern 19,99 TL


Shock 3-9 April 2019 current catalog of materials this week will be playing in the kitchens. Special prices for cookery venues are waiting for you at the Şok grocery store, which regularly sells products that are attractive to women. The Shok Actual 3 April 2019 catalog will be sold with the following products;

  • Steel cooking shop cooking utensils 24 centimeters 59,90 TL
  • Large steel poles 24 centimeters 54,90 TL
  • Steel parcel 24,90 TL
  • Very few shells 24,90 TL
  • 24,90 TL steel hardware
  • Deep pot with steel roof
  • Steel beach when founded 3,00 €
  • Tank Holder 6,99 TL
  • Accurate glass treud 19,95 TL

Shock 3 April 2019 current catalog of materials available until April 9, 2019. If you want to buy a product of the campaign, keep your hand up. Because these materials are restricted to stocks to reach a market.

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