Acknowledgments years ago! “I didn't play that! ”


Acknowledgments years ago! “I didn't play that! “- Illustrations

Toto Super League in the week 28 Galatasaray will take Galatasaray. We will remember all the remnants that are not excluded from the prehistoric relics that are expected in many countries in the world … t

You will learn some of these statements for the first time. Here are the two comments made:

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'; I signed Cologne when I was playing juicy derby & # 39; there 's Ali Sami Yen. Rigobert Song learned that. When the game stopped for the events we sat in the field and we talked about the movement. He told me about the town and the club because he had played in the Cologne before. In fact, the events at the tribune were still ongoing! Tabii

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Maids the 'feerbahce'; before I can sleep, I would be looking under the doors of the corridor when I am standing in front of someone. One day we play well, Fenerbahce 30 minutes in the half court, but Kezman shot the ball. Auta went to Ergun's baton beating his brother's stick that was his aim! I don't know if it's getting fat on that!!! # 39;

– Hasan Şaş

“According to me, the biggest competition in the world, Fenerbahce – Galatasaray. The Galatasaray game was amongst the rare games I couldn't. There was nothing to do but to listen to the sound bombs that were on the shed.

– Arthur Zico

“I went to the stadium the day before the game. You had an agent. Who is a game today? I asked. He said, 'They're waiting for you tomorrow.' The stadium was full of the previous day! ';

– Hodzic Tarık

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