Answer question to the above: Fizy 3. A song in the "Public Series Music" list is the one with whom? 5 February Tipi Hadi 20.30 Response

Let's start a question on 5 February, which the team published on social media. The live cash prize quiz is played through Hadi, AppStore and Google Play. The competition will be held every day at 20.30, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 12.30 and 20.30. This evening, at 8:30 pm, was mentioned as an icon from the list of geography. Let's quote 5 February question; Is the "Fizy" Music Series Series "on the list of the 3rd song with it?"


Let's leave your opinion through the official instagram address. The names are:

Come on tonight 20:30at

The prize is; 30,000 TL


Anıl Acar, a real name of Gazapizm, was born in Elazığ on 20.07.1988.

They started an interest in the hiphop culture with Engin Erel (The Guard) and Aykut Şahin (Sivo) who met him in the secondary school.

In 2003, he wrote his first rap and started to get test records at his home.

In 2004, they established YMF's top (Yali McS Family) with the Keeper and Sivo, as well as their own recordings in the studio they founded in Balçova, supported many MCs.

He published his first album, a album called Az Kaldı bir, who made the album mixtape with The Guardian in 2006.

In Izmir, in the time of her life; when a huge fall fell greatly, and so they worked with MCs who had a good position outside their home and organized a concert or concert each weekend in İzmir . Refurbishment was rebuilt. Although it was a good investment for the future, it is now a big audience.

In 2008, he shared his second album "Kan Not Katran" by the Guardian on the internet. This record, which covers a large section, has been in the handwriting charts.

She won many of her songs about herself and her community difficulties like rap people. At the same time, rap did not dispute and life was empty.

She has performed concerts in our cities such as İzmir, İstanbul, Antalya, Isparta and Bursa.

The demo photograph that was recorded by the Keeper and Sivo in 2008 raised the attention of Fuat Ergin, a dangerous piece and his / her; Gazapizm's first legal system is now in a rap view lover. they started working

In 2009, he suffered from life problems and started suffering from mental disorders. It was proven to have had clinical effects and was treated for a long time. Gazapizm had a full impact at the hospital's full time at those times.

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