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Apple is preparing two hundred expensive for iPhone fans

Apple, which is known as a precious technology brandnd for many years, can be described as the unfortunate mark of being; with improvements this year.

The Japanese technology blog, MacOtakara, will fast-track Apple's plans for a 2019 model of iPhones, as a result of the information from the reliable sources in the iPhone supply chain in China. But the latest information from the site's sources in the iPhone supply chain shows that Apple is looking for interesting information.


According to Market Analysis, Apple will have to make discounts on iPhone prices in China

According to MacOtakara, Apple will deliver five new iPhone modules in 2019. Three of these models are new versions of iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR, along with two other precious models with 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch modules. . As well as the advanced advanced camera and wireless reversing machines, these models will introduce a 18W USB Type-C speeding machine to Lightning in the machine box.

Samsung forwarded the Galaxy S10 family as 4 different modules. That's why it might have been normal for Apple to come up with 5 different iPhones. However, the fourth Samsung Galaxy S10 symbol had 5G support. As 5G technology is not available anywhere in the first place and expensive hardware is required, it is likely to be a reasonable decision to sell this product as an individual model.


Winner Photo, iPhone 6 Competition photographed

However, Apple will not be delivering its iPhone foldable and 5G support by 2020. So there's no requirement to launch an 4th and 5th iPhone module. Moreover, the pricing is even criticized for the price of the premier allable model, the iPhone Xs Max, and the introduction of a more expensive iPhone modal can be seen as a costly replacement to that large product.

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